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VOLUME II | Issue 24 | FRIDAY | SEPTEMBER 10 | 2021  US 50C


        brics sUmmit : Under

        india’s leadership, emerging

        nations agree on terror,                                                                                                      STORY
        climate and vaccines  uu  10                                   A protest by Afghan women against Pakistan in Kabul                uu 4

                      NA NEWSLINE                                taliban’S terror threat

                                                              iSi’S double Game

                                                            ciA director William burns pays a quiet visit to New

                                                            Delhi  before  flying  to  Islamabad.  Russian  National

        AmrUt mAhotsAv :                                    security Advisor to New Delhi to discuss the Afghanistan
        celebration at brooklyn                             situation. Everyone has a terror threat from Afghanistan
        borough hall steps uu  24                           on their mind.

           NA                                                                        SPORTS

           NEWSLINE                                                                    uu 42
             uu 18

                             Security from faith                                                   covid Scare in cricket:

             Event at Consulate of India shows the                                             After 5th test cancellation,
         confluence of faith, culture and leadership                                              iPL games under threat

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