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NATION                                                                   JUNE 17, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     6

          Covid-19 fourth wave? Govt. tells people not

                  to panic as cases and deaths rise again

               India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage crossed the 1.94 billion mark on Thursday

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                            total numbers for the country or not
                                                                                                              that the rise is happening uniformly
        New Delhi/Mumbai
                                                                                                              across the country,” he further said.
           ndia reported 7,584 new COVID                                                                          He also stressed closely monitor-
           cases on Thursday, more than 300                                                                   ing COVID-19 cases at the local or
        Icases than a day earlier, according                                                                  district level. He said, “Examining the
        to the Ministry of Health and Family                                                                  data carefully, where can we have rel-
        Welfare on Friday. The active cases in                                                                evance local level or the district level
        the country rose to 36,267 which stood                                                                every both is an important rather than
        at 32,498 yesterday. The active cases                                                                 extrapolating it over one state or the
        are 0.08 per cent of the total caseload                                                               entire country.”
        in the country. With 3,35,050 tests                                                                       On the threat to the country for
        conducted in the last 24 hours, the                                                                   another variant, he said, “Threat can
        daily positivity rate was observed to                                                                 only be characterized once a new vari-
        be 2.26 per cent. The weekly positivity                                                               ant is identified. So, whenever a new
        rate was recorded to be 1.50 per cent.                                                                variant is observed, it is called a vari-
            According to the health minis-                                                                    ant of interest or variant under investi-
        try, 3,791 COVID patients recovered                                                                   gation and variant concern but not ev-
        in the last 24 hours taking the total                                                                 ery variant turned out to be a variant
        number of recoveries from the disease                                                                 of concern. The Variant of concern
        since the onset of the pandemic to                                                                    is the term used for a variant when it
        4,26,44,092. The recovery rate stands   Students show victory signs after receiving a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine during the inau-  gets associated with rapid spread or
        at 98.70 per cent.                         gural programme ‘Har Ghar Dastak 2.0’ campaign, in Guwahati (ANI)  even the clinical severity of the disease
            With the death of 24 COVID pa-                                                                    caused by the variant of the virus is
        tients during this period, the death toll                                                             more leading to increased hospital-
        climbed to 5,24,747.                                                                                  ization or increased requirement of
            Following a surge in COVID                                                                        oxygen or increased requirement of
        cases  across  the  country,  the  Union                                                              the ventilator. So, nothing of that sort
        Health Ministry is closely monitoring                                                                 is being observed.”
        the situation in the states like Maha-                                                                    Meanwhile, India’s COVID-19
        rashtra, Kerala, Delhi and Karnataka                                                                  vaccination coverage has crossed the
        and has asked them to follow the five-                                                                194.74 crore (1.94  billion) mark  on
        fold strategy and ramp-up testing, said                                                               Thursday, the Ministry of Health and
        official sources on Thursday.                                                                         Family Welfare said on Thursday. The
            The Ministry has also asked the                                                                   government data added that more than
        States to monitor clusters of new                                                                     13,28,975 vaccine doses have been ad-
        COVID cases and follow COVID ap-                                                                      ministered till 7 pm on Thursday. The
        propriate behavior.  Recently, Union                                                                  vaccination exercise as a tool to pro-
        Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan                                                                       tect the most vulnerable population
        wrote  to  the  officials  of  five  states,                                                          groups in the country from COVID-19
        Kerala,  Karnataka,  Maharashtra,                                                                     continues to be regularly reviewed
        Telangana and Tamil Nadu to closely                                                                   and monitored at the highest level.
        monitor emerging clusters, maintain   Volunteers promoting awareness against COVID-19 during Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)   The Union Government is com-
        the adequate number of testing and                      World 10K, in Bengaluru (ANI)                 mitted to accelerating the pace and
        send samples from infected individu-                                                                  expanding the scope of COVID-19
        als for genome sequencing.        not help to analyses the data or look-  making,” he added.          vaccination throughout the country.
            Panic does not serve as a COVID                                                                   The nationwide COVID-19 vacci-
        pandemic response or public health   ing carefully to be so that’s why panic   He stated, “The surge in the cas-  nation started on January 16, 2021.
        response as it does not help analy-  doesn’t serve a purpose.”      es doesn’t mean it’s reported from all   The new phase of universalization of
        ses the data, therefore, panic doesn’t   “It is about examining the  data   over the country it’s from a few dis-  COVID-19 vaccination commenced
        serve any purpose, said Dr Samiran   very carefully. So, if from a particular   tricts.”              on June 21, 2021.
        Panda, Additional director-gener-  site or from a district or a few districts   “We are talking about 7,000 cases   The vaccination drive has been
        al of the Indian Council of Medical   in the state upsurges or peak is being   or a little more than this across India.   ramped up through the availability of
        Research (ICMR). In an interview,   observed, then we need to look at the   But  that  is  not  true,  meaning  it is  a   more vaccines, advance visibility of vac-
        Panda said, “Panic does not serve as a   number of tests conducted in that   summation of the numbers of positive   cine availability to States and UTs for
        COVID pandemic response or public   area. The local data needs to be exam-  cases recorded from a few districts. So,   enabling better planning by them and
        health response because a panic does   ined carefully for local-level decision   that should not be considered as the   streamlining of the vaccine supply chain.

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