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BIG STORY                                                                JUNE 17, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     4

                      PROPHET REMARKS ROW

               GOVT FACES HEAT

         The Gulf nations put pressure on India as the controversy about inflammatory comments by two BJP leaders
             takes a serious turn. How is the government tackling the pressure from abroad and anger on streets?

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                            religion. The BJP does not promote
                                                                                                              such people or  philosophy.” BJP
        New Delhi/Lucknow/Mumbai
                                                                                                              stated that it “respects all religions”
              he ongoing controversy over                                                                     and is “strongly against any ideology
              remarks about Prophet Mo-                                                                       which insults or demeans any sect or
        Thammad took a serious turn                                                                           religion”.
        on Friday as several incidents of vi-                                                                     “During the thousands of years
        olence including sloganeering and                                                                     of the history of India every religion
        stone-pelting were reported from                                                                      has  blossomed  and  flourished.  The
        several parts of Uttar Pradesh after                                                                  Bharatiya Janata Party respects all
        Friday prayers when people began                                                                      religions,” the brief statement said.
        protesting  against  the  inflammatory                                                                    But the situation now is serious.
        statements of suspended BJP leader                                                                    A massive protest took place at Del-
        Nupur Sharma and expelled party                                                                       hi’s Jama Masjid over remarks by
        leader Naveen Kumar Jindal.                                                                           Sharma and Jindal on Friday. Delhi
            In a news debate on the Gyanva-                                                                   Police said they have removed the
        pi issue, Sharma allegedly made con-                                                                  protestors and the situation is un-
        troversial comments about Prophet                                                                     der control now. “No call for protest
        Mohammad. Jindal allegedly tweet-                                                                     given by Masjid. We don’t know who
        ed against the interests of the coun-  All India Maulavi Mission members hold placards during a protest against suspended   are the ones protesting, I think they
        try.  Following  the  comments  made   BJP leader Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal over their alleged remarks, at Labour Camp,   belong to AIMIM or are Owaisi’s
        by Sharma and Jindal, several Twit-                 Dharavi, in Mumbai on Friday. (ANI Photo)         people. We made it clear that if they
        ter users of the Gulf countries voiced                                                                want to protest, they can, but we will
        for boycotting products made in In-  quarters against those who made the   Yogi Adityanath has directed to take   not support them,” Shahi Imam,
        dia. Some Twitter users wrote, “Such   comments and tweets.”        strict action against hooligans after   Jama Masjid told media persons.
        leaders should be sent to jail immedi-                              incidents of stone-pelting broke out   Meanwhile, Delhi Police regis-
        ately, otherwise we will come out on   Meanwhile, several other states   in various parts of the state.  tered two FIRs-- one against former
        the streets to get them arrested.”                                      Earlier on June 3, a violent clash   BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma
            “After call for Boycotting Indi-  including Delhi, Maharashtra,  broke out between two groups be-  and the other against 31 people, in-
        an Products, BJP Delhi distances   Karnataka, Jharkhand, Punjab,    longing  to  different  communities   cluding AIMIM chief Asaduddin
        itself from statements made by their                                allegedly over a market shutdown in   Owaisi and controversial priest Yati
        spokesperson on television and tweet  Hyderabad, and Gujarat also  Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. As many as   Narsinghanand - for allegedly spread-
        by BJP member Naveen Kumar Jin-   faced massive protests against    36 persons were arrested and 3 FIRs   ing  hate and hurting  religious sen-
        dal,” wrote another user.                                           have been registered in the Kanpur   timents,  officials  said  on  Thursday.
            Some Gulf countries have lodged  the leader’s controversial re-  violence case and further investiga-  Various parts of Punjab wit-
        their  protest.  However,  India  on   marks.                       tion is underway.                 nessed  protests  over  the  inflam-
        Thursday reiterated that the contro-                                    Earlier, in an apparent response   matory remarks of the suspended
        versial remarks concerning Prophet    On  Friday, a clash  erupted in   to the ongoing controversy over par-  Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nupur
        Mohammad do not reflect the views   Prayagaraj between police and pro-  ty spokesperson Nupur Sharma and   Sharma and expelled party leader
        of the Government and added that   testers. Stones were also hurled   Naveen Kumar Jindal’s alleged in-  Naveen Jindal. “After the protest call
        action has been taken by concerned   during clashes in the Atala area   flammatory remarks against minori-  by Ludhiana  Jama  Masjid,  protests
        quarters against those who made the   of Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagaraj. A   ties, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on   were held across Punjab demanding
        comments.                         huge protest was witnessed in Ut-  Sunday suspended Sharma and Jin-  the arrest of those who disrespected
            Ministry of External Affairs                                    dal from the primary membership of   the Prophet,” said Shahi Imaam of
        Spokesperson   Arindam   Bagchi,  tar Pradesh’s Saharanpur over the   the party till further notice.  Ludhiana Jama Masjid. Meanwhile,
                                          inflammatory  statements  of  the
        while  addressing  a  media  briefing   above-mentioned BJP leaders. Sim-  BJP said in a statement issued   protests against Sharma and Jindal
        on Thursday, said, “We have made it   ilarly, a huge crowd in Moradabad   by its general secretary Arun Singh,   have been reported from various
        pretty clear that the tweets and com-  also protested against the suspended   “The BJP strongly denounces insult   parts of the country, including Delhi,
        ments do not reflect views of the gov-  BJP leader and demanding her arrest   of any religious personalities of any   and Uttar Pradesh.
        ernment. This has been conveyed to   over her inflammatory remarks.   religion. The Bharatiya Janata Par-  As per the reports, a massive pro-
        our interlocutors as also the fact that   Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister   ty is also against any ideology which   test broke out at Delhi’s Jama Masjid
        action has been taken by concerned                                  insults or demeans any section or        Continued at next page... >>

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