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BIG STORY                                                                JUNE 17, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     5

                                                                             Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, during the delegation level talks with the Prime Min-
                People staging a protest against BJP suspended leader Nupur Sharma    ister & Minister of Interior of Qatar, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, in
                              in Patna on Friday. (ANI Photo)                  Doha. Qatar has strongly condemned the remarks by BJP leaders (ANI Photo/PIB)

        which have been later brought under   satisfied with the efforts made by the   lated bodies in an exemplary manner.  in the country. The Iranian foreign
        control after the police removed pro-  Indian government in dealing with   “Ajit Doval reaffirmed the Indian   minister also called for serious atten-
        testors from the protest site.    those responsible for comments on   government and officials’ respect for   tion to the sensitivities of Muslims
            “No call for protest given by   Prophet Muhammed. The visiting   the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),     regarding their religious sanctities.
        Masjid. We don’t know who are the   Iranian  Foreign  Minister  Hossein   saying offenders will be dealt with, at   Also, Union Minister of Com-
        ones protesting, I think they belong   Amir Abdollahian raised the issue   the government and related bodies   merce and Industry Piyush Goyal has
        to AIMIM or are Owaisi’s people.   of the controversial remarks, made   levels, in such a way that others will   said that the BJP has taken necessary
        We made it clear that if they want to   by  two  former  BJP  spokespersons,   learn a lesson,” the Iranian foreign   action against a party functionary
        protest, they can, but we will not sup-  in his meeting with National Securi-  ministry statement read.  over controversial remarks concern-
        port them,” Shahi Imam of Delhi’s   ty Advisor Ajit Doval in the national   “Amirabdollahian said Muslims   ing  Prophet  Mohammad  with  the
        Jama Masjid told media persons.   capital  on  Wednesday.  The  Iranian   are satisfied with the stance of Indian   MEA also coming out with necessary
                                          Foreign Ministry in a statement said   officials in dealing with the culprits,”   clarification and noted that India will
        The Ministry of Home Affairs      that Abdollahian had raised the issue   the statement added.        continue to have good ties with Gulf
                                          with Doval, and was satisfied by the
                                                                                Amirabdollahian hailed the In-
        (MHA) on Friday asked the po-     response he received.             dian people and government for        He also said that all Indians liv-
        lice heads of states and Union        The NSA Ajit Doval, it said,   their respect for the divine faiths,   ing in Gulf countries are safe and
                                          reaffirmed  the  Indian  government   especially the Prophet Muhammad   there is no tension anywhere. Refer-
        Territories to be prepared and  and officials’ respect for the Prophet   and also for the religious tolerance,   ring to the remarks of Nupur Shar-
        alert as they will be on target. On   Muhammad saying offenders will be   historical coexistence and friendship   ma, who was suspended by the BJP
                                                                            among followers of various religions
                                          dealt with at the government and re-
                                                                                                              as a spokesperson for her controver-
        Friday, MHA issued a statement                                                                        sial comments, the minister told the
        to all state and Union Territory                                                                      media on Tuesday that the comments
                                                                                                              were not made by any government
        police after several incidents of                                                                     functionary and have no impact on
        violence were reported from dif-                                                                      the government.
                                                                                                                  “All Indians living in gulf coun-
        ferent parts of the country.                                                                          tries are safe and they do not have
                                                                                                              to worry. There is no tension any-
            A senior MHA official informed                                                                    where... I don’t think this was a
        that they sent alerts to all state and                                                                statement made by any government
        Union Territory police to remain vig-                                                                 functionary. Therefore, it has no im-
        ilant as they can be targeted during                                                                  pact on the government,” he said in
        the violence. “We have asked the                                                                      response to queries.
        policemen deployed to maintain law                                                                        “Foreign  office  (MEA)  has
        and order situation to be in proper                                                                   come out with clarification and BJP
        riot gear. There will be a deliber-                                                                   has taken necessary actions. We lead
        ate attempt to disturb peace in the                                                                   the world; we’ll continue to lead the
        country. Police and, if required, the                                                                 world. We have a good relationship
        paramilitary will also need to be on                                                                  with these countries and it will con-
        alert mode to counter any untoward                                                                    tinue,” he added.
        situation,” the official said.                                                                            These positive words aside, there
            The MHA has asked all the                                                                         is no denying that the Indian govern-
        states  to  take  preventive  actions,   India’s National Security Agency (NSA) Advisor Ajit Doval holds a meeting with Iranian   ment is facing pressure at home and
        keep a check on borders and identi-  Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian over the Prophet remark row, on Wednesday   abroad over this controversy and
        fied sensitive areas.                               (ANI Photo/ Iran Foreign Ministry Twitter)        it needs to douse the flames before
            Meanwhile, Iran has said it is                                                                    they go out of control.

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