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VOLUME III | Issue 12                                                                               FRIDAY | JUNE 17 | 2022 • US 50C


        Alarm in Ladakh: China upgrades
        its air force at border as US says the           BIG
        situation is eye-opening  uu 8

                ENTERTAINMENT EYE                         STORY
                                                              uu 4

                                                              PROPHET REMARKS ROW

                                                           GOVT FACES HEAT

        Bollywood in crosshairs:                     The  Gulf  nations  put  pressure  on  India  as  the  controversy  about
        Threat letter to Salman Khan                 inflammatory comments by two BJP leaders takes a serious turn. How is the
        sparks fear uu 29                            government tackling the pressure from abroad and anger on the streets?

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 16                                                               uu 40

                                                                                              SOUTH AFRICA IN INDIA
                        President Biden nominates                            Proteas register their most successful run-chase,

                 Sopen Shah as US attorney in Madison                                       go up 1-0 after first match
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