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NATION                                                                   JUNE 09, 2023  |    The Indian Eye                     6

             Fracture in Opposition unity? Kejriwal

          questions Congress over Delhi ordinance

         The Union government on May 19 brought an ordinance to notify rules regarding the ‘transfer
                                    posting, vigilance and other incidental matters’ in Delhi

        OUR BUREAU
        Chennai/Ranchi/New Delhi

                 hile  seeking   support
                 against  the  Centre’s  ordi-
        Wnance control over admin-
        istrative services in Delhi, Chief Min-
        ister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday met
        his  Jharkhand  counterpart,  Hemant
        Soren,  in  Ranchi.  Giving  a  strong
        message to the Congress party, Kejri-
        wal said that the party has to decide
        whether  it  is  with  “democracy,  con-
        stitution, and 140 crore people of the
        country or with PM Modi”. Notably,
        Kejriwal  had  on  May  23  embarked
        on a nationwide tour to seek support
        from the Opposition parties against
        the Ordinance.
            The crisis began after the Union
        government  on  May  19  brought  an
        ordinance to notify rules for the Gov-
        ernment of National Capital Territo-
        ry of Delhi (GNCTD) regarding the
        ‘transfer posting, vigilance and other
        incidental  matters’.  The  ordinance
        was brought to amend the Govern-   Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, in Chennai on Thurs-
        ment of National Capital Territory         day. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MPs Sanjay Singh, Raghav Chadha and DMK leader TR Balu also seen (ANI)
        of Delhi Act, 1991 and it circumvents
        the Supreme Court judgement in the
        Centre vs Delhi case.             Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his dep-    He further called the ordinance   replacing the Delhi services ordi-
            The problem became complicat-  uty Tejashwi Yadav.              an “attack on the foundation of de-  nance and appealed to other leaders
        ed on Thursday as Congress leader     Addressing the joint press con-  mocracy” and urged all the parties to   of the Opposition to support Aravind
        Sandeep Dikshit has said he sup-  ference with his Jharkhand counter-  come together against it.      Kejriwal in his fight against the Or-
        ports the Centre’s ordinance against   part  Hemant  Soren,  Kejriwal  said,   Responding to a reporter’s ques-  dinance. “Arvind Kejriwal is a good
        the  Delhi  government.  Dikshit  said   “Last  month,  a  grave  injustice  was   tion  on  Congress’  stand  on  the  or-  friend...Modi-led BJP government is
        that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal   done  to  the  people  of  Delhi.  They   dinance,  Kejriwal  said,  “Today,  the   pressuring Delhi Union territory and
        is aware that he will be sent to jail for   were insulted and their democratic   Congress has to decide whether it   AAP government there, by using Lt
        at least 8-10 years if he does not get   rights were snatched. In a landmark   is with democracy, constitution, 140   Governor. BJP government will bring
        control of the Vigilance department.   judgment  on  May  11,  the  Supreme   crore people of the country or with   a bill (To replace the ordinance) on
        Speaking to ANI, Dikshit, son of for-  Court ordered that the government   Modi  Ji”.  Jharkhand  CM  Hemant   Delhi and DMK will strongly oppose
        mer Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit, said,   elected by the people of Delhi will   Soren while assuring support to AAP,   it,” Tamil Nadu CM Stalin said. “We
        “I support the ordinance against the   have the powers. But unfortunately,   lashed out at the Centre and called it   had  a  discussion  on  other  leaders’
        Delhi  government.  CM  Arvind  Ke-  on May 19, the government circum-  an “attack” on the ‘federal structure’   views and I appeal to all leaders to
        jriwal is very well aware that if he   vented the order by bringing the or-  of the country.          support Arvind Kejriwal,” he added.
        does not get control of the vigilance   dinance. The Modi government said   Earlier  on  Thursday,  Kejriwal   In  the  Joint  press  conference,
        department, he will be sent to jail for   that they won’t allow the elected gov-  along with Bhagwant Mann met with   Kejriwal said that he had sought an
        at least 8-10 years.”             ernment to function”.             Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin here and   appointment with Congress Presi-
            But the Aam Aadmi Party           “The ordinance will now go to   got his support in their fight against   dent Mallikarjun Kharge and its se-
        (AAP) national convenor has so far   the Parliament. BJP has the majority   Centre’s  ordinance  on  control  over   nior leader Rahul Gandhi for seek-
        met West Bengal CM Mamata Ba-     in Lok Sabha but in Rajya Sabha, it   administrative services in the nation-  ing  support  in  the  ordinance  issue.
        nerjee,  Tamil  Nadu  CM  MK  Stalin   only has 93 out of 238 members. So,   al capital.              “I have sought an appointment with
        former Maharashtra CM Uddhav      if  all  the  non-BJP  parties  come  to-  In a joint press conference, Tam-  Congress President Kharge ji and
        Thackeray,  Nationalist  Congress   gether, this bill can be defeated,” he   il Nadu CM MK Stalin said that   Rahul ji, and I am waiting for their
        Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar,   added.                          DMK would strongly oppose the bill   response.  I  am  confident  that  Con-
                                                                                                              gress will support us,” he said.
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