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BIG STORY                                                                JUNE 09, 2023  |    The Indian Eye                     4

                   PM MODI’S VISIT TO WHITE HOUSE

          A BIG DEAL!

         The US-India partnership is on a steady upward trajectory as a result of Washington

                and New Delhi moving past the Cold-War differences and toward advancing

               Indo-Pacific synergies. How will Modi’s visit to the US boost the ties further?

        OUR BUREAU
        Washington DC/New Delhi
              rime Minister Narendra Modi
              is scheduled on go on a visit to
        Pthe US on June 22 following an
        invitation from President Joe Biden
        and First Lady Jill Biden. The White
        House recently said the visit of Prime
        Minister Modi to the US will be an
        opportunity  to  reaffirm  the  deep,
        close partnership  between  US and
        India. The White House Press Secre-
        tary said the visit would also strength-
        en  US-India  shared  commitment to
        a free, open, prosperous and secure
        Indo-Pacific  and  shared  resolve  to
        evaluate strategic technology part-
        nership,  including  in  defense,  clean
        energy and space.
            Ahead of Prime Minister Na-
        rendra  Modi’s  visit,  the  US-India
        Business Council (USIBC) president
        Atul Keshap said the entire US is ex-
        cited about the Indian leader’s visit
        and that both New Delhi and Wash-
        ington DC can be “arsenals of de-
        mocracy in the Eastern and Western
        hemispheres” which would ensure
        deterring any potential conflict.                            Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Joe Biden (ANI)
            “The whole country and city are
        excited and buzzing here at the cham-  the history of our relationship...This   their defense and technology rela-  we do together. But there’s so much
        ber  and  USIBC  and  we’re  buzzing   is a really big deal in the way that   tionship to the next level.  more we can do to ensure a free and
        about it. We’re working night and day   the  United  States  treats,  honor  vis-  India is evaluating proposals   open Indo-Pacific. We already have
        on our own ideas summit on June 12   itors diplomatically. States visits are   from American and French firms for   our Chiefs of Defense staff now dis-
        and 13th and also on whatever hap-  reserved for our closest friends,” he   its Made in India aircraft including   cussing  things  not  only  bilaterally,
        pens on the borders of the state vis-  added.                       the LCA Mark 2 and the Advanced   but in a Quad context. I think that’s
        it. So, I think both governments are   Responding to reports that   Medium Combat Aircraft. The evalu-  very helpful. There’s obviously a lot
        putting full effort in we’re in constant   the Biden administration is set to   ation of the proposals from both sides   of talk about potential fighter engine
        contact with both governments and I   approve a potential multi-million   is going on. The key factors for these   collaboration that may come out of
        applaud them. I think they’re focus-  government-to-government   deal,   proposals would be the extent of the   this summit.”
        ing on the important thing, and I wish   to permit General Electric (GE) to   transfer  of  technology  and  pricing.  Meanwhile,  the  United  States
        them  great  success,”  said  Keshap.   manufacture  fighter  jet  engines  in   The USIBC chief said, “I think   Defense  Secretary  Lloyd  J  Austin
            “This is only the third State visit   India during PM Modi’s June 21-24   a lot has been achieved over the past   III will embark on a four-nation
        by an Indian visitor and the Indian   US  visit,  Keshap  said  the  two  gov-  20 years. If you look at the record be-  trip including India from next week,
        leader to the United States in all of   ernments are working towards taking   tween our two countries of how much   Continued on next page... >>

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