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BIG STORY                                                                 MAY 19, 2023  |    The Indian Eye                     8

        told ANI.
            The Congress put up a table
        comparing  the  party’s  performance
        in  the  20  assembly  constituencies
        covered during the Bharat Jodo Ya-
        tra.  The  list  showed  that  the  Con-
        gress, which had won 5 of these 20
        seats in the 2018 Karnataka assembly
        elections, took a massive lead and led
        in 15 seats till 4 pm. The BJP, which
        had won nine out of 20 seats last in
        the last elections, was ahead in two.
        JDS, which bagged six seats in 2018,
        was leading in three.

        Rahul Gandhi-led ‘Bharat Jodo

        Yatra’ entered Karnataka on
        September 30 last year. The ya-
        tra covered 511 km in the state
        in  over  20  days.  The  Bharat

        Jodo Yatra, which started in
        Kanyakumari on September 7
        last year, concluded on January
        30 in Srinagar after covering

        3,970 km, 12 states, and two             Congress workers celebrate the party’s victory in the Karnataka Assembly elections, in Bikaner, Rajasthan, on Saturday (ANI)
        Union territories.
                                          under the leadership of Kamal Nath.   like it,” he said.            said,  “We  started  from  Mekedatu
            As the counting put the Congress   Even in Goa, when the BJP did not   Meanwhile,   veteran   ac-  (padayatra). Then came the Bharat
        firmly  on  course  to  come  to  power   have a majority, it broke the MLA   tor-turned-politician  Kamal  Haasan   Jodo Yatra from Kanniyakumari to
        in Karnataka, Nationalist Congress   and took over the state. This is a new   on Saturday extended his greetings   Kashmir.  We  have  won  almost  99
        Party (NCP) chief and former Maha-  method being implemented by using   to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi   per  cent  of  the  seats  in  the  route
        rashtra chief minister Sharad Pawar   tool wealth”.                 after the grand old party crossed the   in  which  Rahul  Gandhi  walked.
        on Saturday claimed that the results   The NCP chief further claimed   majority mark in the Karnataka as-  I  thank  him  for  that.”  Kharge  at-
        “present a picture” of next year’s Lok   that  BJP  has  lost  the  “majority  of   sembly polls.     tributed the victory to the people of
        Sabha elections.                  states” in the country, which “pres-  Taking to Twitter, Kamal Haasan   Karnataka.
            Slamming the Bharatiya Janata   ents a picture” of the upcoming Lok   said, “Shri @RahulGandhi ji, Heart-  He said, “Ego does not stay for
        Party, Pawar claimed that the people   Sabha elections the next year.  iest Congratulations for this  signif-  long. It is a democracy and we will
        have given a “strong verdict” against   “BJP doesn’t have governments   icant  victory!  Just  as  Gandhiji,  you   have to listen to people and bow our
        the party.                        in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,   walked your way into people’s hearts   heads before those who show us the
            “Success and failure can be un-  Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Ra-  and as he did you demonstrated that   right path. It is not a victory of any-
        derstood.  But  the  role  of  defeating   jasthan, Delhi, Jharkhand, Punjab,   in your gentle way, you can shake the   one.
        the BJP in Karnataka was taken up   West  Bengal.  Hence,  BJP  is  out  of   powers of the world -with love and   This victory belongs to the peo-
        by  the  people  there.  I  congratulate   power in the majority of the states.   humility.  Your  credible  and  credit-  ple  of  the  state.  They  decided  and
        the people of Karnataka and the   We  can  get  an  idea  of  the  picture   able  approach,  without  bravado  or   chose. That is why we got 136 seats
        Congress.  They  have  taught  BJP  a   that will be seen in the 2024 elections   chest-thumping has ushered a breath   - huge after 36 years.”
        lesson. Now this process will be done   through  the  Karnataka  elections,”   of fresh air for the people.   “It  is  a  big  victory.  Through
        across  the  country,”  Sharad  Pawar   the veteran leader said.        You trusted the people of Kar-  this, new energy emerged in the
        said while addressing a press confer-  Pawar also slammed Union     nataka to reject divisiveness, who in   whole nation. BJP used to taunt us
        ence here on Saturday.            Home Minister Amit Shah accusing   turn  have  unitedly  reciprocated  by   and say that ‘we will make Congress
            Slamming  the  BJP,  he  accused   him of “creating terror”.    placing their faith in you. Kudos for   mukt Bharat’. Now the truth is that
        the party of toppling governments by   “The  Home  Minister  should   not just the victory but also for the   it is ‘BJP mukt south India,” added
        “breaking MLAs” in the states where   speak  calmly.  The  riots  should  not   manner of victory!”   Kharge.
        it doesn’t have power.            happen anywhere in the country. No    With  the  Congress’  emphatic    The Congress chief further said,
            “In  recent  times,  BJP  has  used   matter who is in the government. Be-  victory in the Karnataka elections on   “You all people should be united like
        the  formula  of  snatching  power   cause it is tiring indirectly in a way   Saturday, ousting the Bharatiya Ja-  this only then we can win the war and
        by breaking the MLAs in the state   that  the  country  and  the  common   nata Party (BJP) from power in the   then only the country can be saved.
        where Opposition parties are in pow-  man  have  to  pay  the  price.  It  is  an   only southern state ruled by it, Con-  if you want democratic government
        er. They did the same in Karnataka.   attempt to create terror. People have   gress chief Mallikarjun Kharge said   everywhere  then  we  have  to  fight
        We all saw what Eknath Shinde did   taken note of it and people have giv-  the election results marked a “BJP-  the bigger battle in the coming elec-
        in Maharashtra.                   en a strong verdict on it. If someone   free South India”.          tions.”
            The  former  CM  added,  “The   tries to use religion and caste, he suc-  Addressing Congress workers   Looks  like  the battle  lines for
        same was done in Madhya Pradesh   ceeds at some point, but people don’t   at State party headquarters, Kharge   2024 are drawn already.

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