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        poor. “The poor defeated crony cap-
        italists in Karnataka...We fought the
        elections with love...,” he said.
            Siddaramaiah said PM Modi had
        campaigned  extensively  in  the  state
        but it not did yield results for BJP. He
        also talked about his own victory from
        Varuna.  “The  people  of  the  Varuna
        constituency  have  given  a  befitting
        reply. This is a stepping stone for the
        upcoming  Lok  Sabha  elections,”  he
            Shivakumar talked about his
        own struggle and said the party had
        worked  hard  to  achieve  victory.  “I
        can’t forget Sonia Gandhi visiting me
        in  jail...when  BJP  people  put  me  in
        jail,” said an emotional Shivakumar.
        “I credit my cadre and all my party
        leaders,  they  worked  hard.  People
        have posed faith in us, they support-
        ed us. It is collective leadership and
        we jointly worked...thinking together
        is progress, and working together is
            Shivakumar  recalled  his  time
        in jail in 2019 in connection with an
        alleged  money  laundering  case.  “I
        had promised Sonia Gandhi, Rahul   Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge being felicitated by party leaders DK Shivakumar, Siddaramaiah, KC Venugopal and others on
        Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi and                            the party’s victory in the Karnataka Assembly elections on Saturday (ANI)
        party president Mallikarjun Kharge
        that  I  will  deliver  the  state.  When
        these BJP people put me in jail, I re-  predictions  of  most  pollsters.  While   it is a setback for the party. “This is   taka 20 times, no PM in the past cam-
        member Sonia Gandhi came to meet   many exit polls had said that Con-  a setback for us in Karnataka. We ac-  paigned like this,” Siddaramaiah said.
        me  there.  Such  is  the  faith  the  par-  gress will be ahead, almost all of them   cept the verdict of the people. We will   “We  will  cross  130  seats  also;  it
        ty, the Gandhi family and the whole   could not accurately predict the scale   work much harder, seek the blessings   is a big victory of the Congress party.
        country bestowed on me,” he said.  of the party’s victory. With the Con-  of the people and come out with fly-  The people of Karnataka wanted a
            Accepting the verdict, senior BJP   gress  winning  more  than  130  seats   ing colors. When it comes to the 2024   change because they were fed up with
        leader  BS  Yediyurappa  said  victory   in the assembly elections of Karna-  elections, we want to ensure that all   the BJP government. BJP spent a lot
        and defeat are not new for the party   taka, Former Defense Minister AK   our  candidates  win  from  all  the  28   of  money  on  Operation  ‘Kamala’.
        and it will introspect. “Victory and de-  Antony called it a historical win for   seats,” Narayan said.    Padyatra of Rahul ji helped as well in
        feat aren’t new to BJP. Party workers   his party and said that it showcased   With the party al set to form the   the enthusing cadre of party,” Sidda-
        need not be panicked by these results.   the victory of Secularism.  government in Karnataka, Congress   ramaiah said.
        We  will  introspect  about  the  party’s   AK  Antony  said,  “Congress’   leader Siddaramaiah  on Saturday   Siddaramaiah also tweeted. “This
        setback. I respectfully accept this ver-  victory  is  historical,  it  showcases   said with the mandate for the party   is a victory for a secular party!! People
        dict,” he said.                   the  victory  of  secularism,  win  over   in the Karnataka Assembly elections   of Karnataka wanted a stable govern-
            Chief Minister Basavraj Bom-  hate  politics.  This  shares  many   he hopes for Rahul Gandhi to be-  ment that delivers as promised, and
        mai  had  conceded  defeat  as  trends   messages;  the  secular  voters  can   come the prime minister of the coun-  hence  have  given  the  mandate  for
        showed a massive Congress surge.  unite  and  in  the  2024  elections  we   try. The Congress leader hoped that   Congress!!”
            He said BJP will emerge victori-  can  beat  the  Modi  government.”   Rahul Gandhi, who was the prime   As the counting of votes for the
        ous in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Bom-  Congress won an absolute major-  ministerial candidate of the Congress   Karnataka Assembly elections gave a
        mai won with a margin of 35,978 votes   ity in Karnataka with the party   in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elec-  clear edge to the Congress, the grand
        from Shiggaon constituency but many   crossing  the  halfway  mark  of  113   tions,  becomes  the  Prime  Minister   old party on Saturday shared a video
        of his ministerial colleagues lost. “...I   seats  in  the  224-member  assembly.  in 2024. Describing the results of the   featuring Rahul Gandhi during his
        take  responsibility  for  this  debacle.   He said the win in the southern   Karnataka Assembly polls as a man-  Bharat  Jodo  Yatra.  “I’m  invincible.
        There  are  multiple  reasons  for  this.   state  gives  a  clear  message  that  the   date  against  Prime  Minister  Naren-  I’m  so  confident.  Yeah,  I’m  unstop-
        We will find out all the reasons and   people want development, peace and   dra Modi, Siddaramaiah said that it   pable today,” the Congress said in a
        strengthen  the  party  once  again  for   harmony.  “Karnataka  Election  Win   would act as a “stepping stone” to the   Tweet.
        Parliament elections..,”he said.  gives another message they want de-  Lok Sabha election slated next year.  With the party getting a seven per
            Bommai said the party will make   velopment, peace and harmony. They   “The  result  of  this  election  is  a   cent lead over the BJP in vote share,
        necessary corrections. “We accept the   voted against hatred politics. On the   stepping stone to the Lok Sabha elec-  it is a crushing blow to Prime Minister
        verdict  of  the  people  of  Karnataka   national level, it shows secular voters   tion. I hope all non-BJP parties come   Modi  who  personally  led  his  party’s
        with  due  respect.  We  will  take  this   can  unite  and  throw  away  the  PM   together and see that BJP is defeated   campaign in the state.
        verdict in our stride. We will analyse   Modi-led government,” said Antony.   and I also hope Rahul Gandhi may   It is too early to predict how will
        and correct our fault lines and rebuild   Meanwhile, Karnataka Minister   become  PM  of  the  country,”  Sidda-  this play out in other assembly elec-
        the party and come back during par-  CN Ashwath Narayan on Saturday   ramaiah said. “It is a mandate against   tions due this year and in 2024 but the
        liamentary elections,” he said.   said  the  Bharatiya  Janata  Party  ac-  Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and JP   Congress party certainly has the mo-
            Congress’ performance beat the   cepts  the  verdict  of  the  people  and   Nadda. The PM had come to Karna-  mentum at the moment.

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