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                   Bharat Jodo Yatra

               Effect or Victory for

                                  Local Issues?

            With Congress all set to assume power in politically-crucial Karnataka, the party has
                            attributed the victory to Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                                The Congress maintained a lead
                                                                                                              from  the  morning  when  counting
        New Delhi
                                                                                                              began for the assembly seats in the
              ongress leader Rahul Gandhi                                                                     fiercely contested election. Congress
              on Saturday hailed the party’s                                                                  general  secretary  in-charge,  Com-
        Cvictory in Karnataka assembly                                                                        munications Jairam Ramesh said the
        polls and said that people of the State                                                               result is a direct impact of the Bharat
        defeated the politics of hate. Address-                                                               Jodo Yatra in Karnataka, the intan-
        ing reporters at the Congress head-                                                                   gible impact was unifying the party,
        quarters here in the national capital                                                                 revitalizing the cadre and shaping the
        Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress                                                                   narrative for the Karnataka elections.
        stood  in  support  of  the  poor.  “The                                                                  “While this is the direct impact of
        poor  defeated  crony  capitalists  in                                                                the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Karnataka,
        Karnataka. What I really liked about                                                                  the intangible impact was uniting the
        this election is that we did not fight                                                                party, reviving the cadre and shaping
        the battle with hatred. We fought the                                                                 the narrative for the Karnataka elec-
        elections with love...,” he said.                                                                     tions. It was during the Bharat Jodo
                                                                                                              Yatra, from the many conversations
        “I want to thank all the party                                                                        Rahul Gandhi had with the people of
                                                                                                              Karnataka, that the guarantees and
        leaders and workers in Karna-                                                                         the promises in our manifesto were

        taka. Karnataka mein Nafrat ki                                                                        discussed and finalized,” tweeted Jai-
                                                                                                              ram Ramesh.
        bazaar band hui hai, Mohabbat                                                                             He also said that people rejected
        ki dukaane khuli hai. We fought                                                                       BJP in Karnataka.
                                                                                                                  “The  whole  election  campaign
        on the issues of the poor. We                                                                         was about the issues of Karnata-

        did not fight this battle using                                                                       ka.  We  did  not  make  it  a  national
                                                                                                              election;  we  made  this  election  for
        hatred and wrong words. This                                                                          Vidhan Sabha. Congress’ win is PM
        will happen in every state,” Ra-                                                                      Modi’s  decisive  defeat.  This  is  be-
                                                                                                              cause except for PM Modi, there was
        hul Gandhi told the mediaper-                                                                         no other face. The issues we raised

        sons here.                                A Congress worker holds a placard depicting Rahul Gandhi as Bahubali    were  related  to  the  state.  But  BJP
                                           to celebrate party’s victory in the Karnataka assembly elections at AICC office in New Delhi   made  the  election  campaign  like  a
                                                                                                              referendum for PM Modi. JP Nadda
            Rahul Gandhi coined the ‘Nafrat                   on Saturday (ANI Photo/Mohd Zakir)              said that if you give a vote to Con-
        ki bazaar band hui hai, Mohabbat ki                                                                   gress  PM Modi’s  blessings  will  not
        dukaane khuli hai’ phrase during the   crony  capitalists  in  Karnataka.  We   power in politically-crucial Karnata-  be with you. The campaigning by PM
        Bharat Jodo Yatra which he under-  didn’t fight this battle using hatred...”   ka, the party on Saturday attributed   Modi was totally rejected by the peo-
        took last year and ended this year   he said.                       the victory to Bharat Jodo Yatra led   ple of Karnataka,” Jairam Ramesh
        in  Srinagar.  “Poor  people  defeated   With Congress all set to assume   by Rahul Gandhi.                  Continued on next page... >>

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