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OPINION                                                                   MAY 19, 2023  |    The Indian Eye 12

                             Nuclear India@25

            and the Adapted Nuclear

                                            World Order

           After the 1998 nuclear tests, India engaged with the global non-proliferation order. The tests invited
          sanctions from a few countries, including the United States, and condemnation from many countries

                                            India’s track record as a responsible nuclear weapon country is reflected in its policy of nuclear restraint. This policy, in turn, is based on its
                                                              nuclear doctrine of credible nuclear deterrence and no first use (Graphic: OVD/Orion Int)
               n 11 May, India is complet-
               ing  25  years  of  its  formally   Where does India stand after 25   Nuclear  Suppliers  Group  (NSG)  is   dia’s diplomacy on the other greatly
        Odeclared  nuclear  weapons       years of its declaration to be called   reflective of its desire for nuclear ac-  contributed to the process of India’s
        status.  India  conducted  three  nu-  a nuclear weapons country? Allaying   commodation.             engagement with the nuclear order,
        clear  tests  (45  kiloton  thermonu-  initial global apprehensions, India   After the 1998 nuclear tests, In-  including  the  non-proliferation  re-
        clear, 15 kiloton fission device, and   sought accommodation in the glob-  dia engaged with the global non-pro-  gime.
        0.2 sub-kiloton devices) that day in   al  nuclear  order.  The  international   liferation  order.  The  tests  invited   The  Strobe  Talbott–Jaswant
        1998, followed by two more tests in   nuclear  community  seems  to  have   sanctions  from  a  few  countries,  in-  Singh rounds of talks  made India
        the sub-kiloton category (0.5 and 0.3   reconciled  to  nuclear  India,  except   cluding the United States, and con-  abandon  its  policy  of  estrangement
        kiloton devices) on 13 May the same   by granting Nuclear Weapons State   demnation  from  many  countries.   from the international non-prolifer-
        year.  In  1974,  India  conducted  a   status under the Nuclear Non-Prolif-  The United Nations Security Coun-  ation order. This estrangement had
        Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (PNE),   eration Treaty (NPT). It has strived   cil, too, passed a resolution against   begun  since  the  entry  into  force  of
        which it does not accept was a nucle-  for the task incrementally. Its active   the tests. Geopolitical developments   NPT in 1970. India had actively par-
        ar weapons test.                  candidature for membership of the   like  9/11  on  the  one  hand  and  In-  Continued on next page... >>

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