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SPECIAL FEATURE                                                           MAY 19, 2023  |    The Indian Eye 14

                                               TOWARDS BETTER LIVING

                      Wisdom from the divine discourses of Pramukh Swami Maharaj

          Principles for World Peace and Harmony

              t the ‘Millennium World Peace
              Summit of Religious and Spiri-
        Atual Leaders’ held in New York
        on August 29, 2000, Pramukh Swami
        Maharaj addressed the unprecedent-
        ed gathering of global religious lead-
        ers. He emphasized that  the unity of
        followers makes a faith strong and
        stable, likewise, the unity of faiths will
        make  our  future  strong  and  stable.
        Below is the detailed speech.
            Inter-religious dialogue and har-
        mony  is  our  immediate  need.  Reli-
        gious leaders should often meet and
        talk to other religious leaders. We must
        freely communicate with each other.
            When we met the Pope in 1984,
        many  reporters  asked,  “What  pur-
        pose will the meeting of two reli-
        gious  heads  serve?”  We  answered,
        “Apart  from  creating  understand-
        ing and friendship, when religious
        heads  meet  each  other,  it  mitigates   ourselves  that  every  civilization,  cul-  “We  are  all  atmans  –  pure  spiritual   then our world will be a much better
        bitterness between the followers   ture and religion born on this earth   entities  unattached  to  and  unbound   world.  Therefore,  we  should  steer
        of the two faiths and helps gener-  is like a gold mine, rich with values,   by caste, country, race and religion.”  our  followers  away  from  fanaticism
        ate  harmony.”  A  single  meeting,  a   wisdom and vision. Let us share this   And  the  Mahabharat  says:  “At-  and focus on faith and pure living. If
        simple  dialogue  can  positively  influ-  legacy and construct a common plat-  mavat sarve bhuteshu” - “Behold all   we all work together, we will be able
        ence  the  minds  of  millions.  That  is   form of values for the rest of mankind   living beings as oneself.”  to  bring  large-scale  transformation.
        why we often say, ‘Religion is that   to stand on.                                                       DIALOGUE WITH ONESELF
        which spreads love for one another.’   From  Rig  Vedic  times,  Hindus   DIALOGUE WITH FOLLOWERS         Lastly, there is nothing more im-
            In this age of growing environ-  have  professed  this  global  broad-  Dialogue  among  religious  lead-
        mental  awareness,  we  have  realized   mindeness of a Beautiful Borderless   ers is not enough, a dialogue with   portant than engaging in a dialogue
                                                                                                              with oneself. We must ask ourselves
        the value of life and biodiversity and   World with this prayer: “Ano bhadraha   our own followers is more important.   how close we are to the teachings of
        are persisting to preserve all forms of   kratavo yantu vishvataha” - “Let noble   A religious leader alone can change   our founders. When we are at peace
        life. Then, what about religious diver-  thoughts come to us from every side.”  the  minds  of  his  followers.  If  every   with ourselves and at peace with peo-
        sity? Let every religion exist and flour-  Our spiritual master, Yogiji Ma-  religion  concentrated  on  improving   ple and things around us, only then
        ish. No big religion should usurp and   haraj, often said: “Maru e saru nahi   the quality of spirituality of their own   can we attain real peace. We must not
        efface  small  religions.  Allow  them   pan saru e maru” - “Think not that   followers, then there would be more   progress at the cost of others but sac-
        to serve the world in their own small   mine is the best, but that whatever is   faith and less fanaticism.  rifice a part of ourselves for the good
        way.  At  this  hour  in  human  history,   the best is mine.”          Let us teach our followers that re-  of others. Because:
        we religious leaders should not dream   The   Upanishads   say:”Ishii   ligion does not grow by the quantity of   “In the good of others lies our own,
        of only One religion in the world, but   vasyam  idam  sarvam,  yat  kincha   numbers but by the quality of spirituali-  In the progress of others rests our own,
        dream of a world where all religions   jagatyam jagat” - “In everyone and in   ty. Vertical depth is much more import-  In the joy of others lies our own.”
        are One - United. Unity in Diversity is   everything there is the divine presence   ant than horizontal spread.  A Hindu
        the lesson of life. Flourishing together   of God.” This spiritual unity connects   should become a better Hindu, a Jew   Once  again  I  thank  you  all  and
        is the secret of peace.           us with the entire creation.      should become a better Jew, a Chris-  pray that the organizers, the United
            Just as the unity of our followers   The  Vedas  say:  “Amrutasya   tian should become a better Christian,   Nations, and all the people of our plan-
        makes our faith strong and stable,   putraha vayam” - “We all are the chil-  and a Muslim should become a better   et are blessed with peace, piety, and
        unity of faiths will make our future   dren of God.”                Muslim. If the followers of every reli-  progress by God and all the saints and
        strong  and  stable.  We  must  remind   Bhagwan  Swaminarayan  says:   gion become better and true followers,   sages who have walked on our earth.

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