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NATION                                                                   APRIL 15, 2022  |   The Indian Eye 10

             Meat, hijab and loudspeakers: tensions

         rise in society amid bans by govt & courts

          Police probes the authenticity of a video in which Al Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri praised

                            the girl who confronted a mob which heckled her for wearing hijab

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                                But taking suo moto cogni-
                                                                                                              zance of the meat ban order during
        New Delhi/Bengaluru
                                                                                                              Navratri, Delhi Minorities Commis-
              he meat shops in areas under                                                                    sion on Thursday sent notice to the
              East Delhi Municipal Cor-                                                                       Mayors and Commissioners of three
        Tporation (EDMC) will re-                                                                             municipal corporations of Delhi.
        main closed on the last three days of                                                                     Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP
        Navratri, that is, on Saptami (seventh                                                                Mahua Moitra on Wednesday hit out
        day), Ashtami (eighth day) and Na-                                                                    at the South Delhi Municipal Cor-
        vami (ninth day), said EDMC Mayor                                                                     poration (SDMC) for the closure of
        Shyam Sunder Aggarwal on Tuesday.                                                                     meat shops during the nine-day peri-
                                                                                                              od of the Navaratri festival and said
        the mayor further said that as                                                                        that the Constitution allows her to
                                                                                                              eat meat and shopkeeper the free-
        per the rules of the Municipal                                                                        dom to run his trade.
        corporation of Delhi (McD),
        the meat shops in Delhi remain                                                                        Meanwhile down south, Ben-

        closed on  saptami,  ashtami                                                                          galuru Police on  thursday is-
                                            Meat shops partially closed after South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) orders the clo-
        and navami. “all the meat that    sure of meat shops during the nine-day period of the Navaratri festival that is being observed   sued notices to 301 mosques,
        is sold on these days is sold           from April 2 to April 11, at INA Market, in New Delhi on Tuesday. (ANI Photo)  temples, churches, and other
        directly through the slaughter-                                                                       establishments to use their

        houses as no illegal slaughter-                                                                       loudspeakers within the per-
        ing can take place in shops.                                                                          missible decibel levels, said
        a slaughterhouse in  ghazipur                                                                         Kamal pant,  commissioner of
        will be made to close on these                                                                        Police, Bengaluru on thursday.

        three days,” he added.                                                                                    Of the 301 notices served, 59
                                                                                                              have been given to pubs, bars and
                                                                                                              restaurants, 12 to industries, 83 to
            Aggarwal also informed that
        a meeting regarding this has been                                                                     temples, 22 to churches and 125 to
                                                                                                              mosques across  the  city.  The  move
        called to ensure strict adherence to                                                                  comes after some right-wing activ-
        these rules. “We have made 16 teams                                                                   ists demanded the shutting down of
        for  16  legislative  areas  in  EDMC.                                                                loudspeakers which is violating the
        Those who open meat shops during                                                                      noise pollution rules. In this regard,
        these  days  will be  penalized  and                                                                  they also met commissioners and
        their licenses will also be cancelled.                                                                other police officers across the state.
        If need be, the shops will be sealed                                                                      Maulana Maqsood Imran Rashi-
        too,” he said.                                                                                        di (Imam Jamia Masjid City Market)
            The mayor said that there are
        two types of meat -- Jhatka and Ha-                                                                   told ANI that they have received a
                                                                                                              notice from the  police department
        lal, adding that Jhatka meat shops
        are already closed and now they have
        appealed to Halal meat shops also to                                                                  < A woman walks past the Karnataka High
        follow the same. Notably, the nine-                                                                   Court following the verdict of the Hijab issue,
        day Navaratri festival is being ob-                                                                   in Bengaluru (ANI Photo)
        served from April 2 to April 11, with
        Saptami, Ashtami and Navami fall-
        ing on April 9, 10 and 11 respectively.                                                                      Continued at next page... >>

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