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BIG STORY                                                                APRIL 15, 2022  |   The Indian Eye                     6

        “The  road ahead is  more  challeng-
        ing than ever before. Our dedication
        and determination, our spirit of resil-
        ience are under severe test. Unity at
        all levels of our vast organisation is
        of paramount importance and speak-
        ing for myself, I am determined to
        do whatever is needed to ensure it.
        Our revival is not just a matter of
        importance to us alone--it is, in fact,
        essential for our democracy itself and
        indeed for our society as well.”
            Sonia Gandhi also said she had
        received many suggestions on how to
        strengthen the Congress and she was
        working on “many of them”.
            “I  am  very  well  aware  of  how
        disappointed you are at the recent
        election results. They have been both
        shocking and painful. The CWC has
        met once to review our performance.   Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and Adhir Ranjan
        I have met with other colleagues too.      Chowdhury during the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) meeting, at the Parliament House, in New Delhi (ANI Photo)
        I have received many suggestions on
        how to strengthen our organization,”                                                                  the labour laws have been diluted at
        she added.                                                                                            a time of growing unemployment and
            The comments come ahead of a                                                                      livelihood insecurity which is expect-
        ‘Chintan Shivir’ of the party organised                                                               ed to turn out to be another disaster
        following party’s defeat in recently                                                                  as demonetisation.
        held Punjab Assembly elections and                                                                        “Interest rates  on employee
        its failure to make a mark in Uttar                                                                   provident fund accumulations have
        Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and                                                                     been reduced considerably. Public
        Goa. Post the poll drubbing, Sonia                                                                    sector enterprises, the one important
        Gandhi had offered to step down, a                                                                    avenue for employment of scheduled
        suggestion that was turned down by                                                                    castes and scheduled tribes are being
        the Congress Working Committee                                                                        sold off under the fancy name “asset
        (CWC), even as G-23, the group of                                                                     monetization”. This will be another
        dissident leaders called for organisa-                                                                disaster as demonetisation turned
        tional changes in the party.                                                                          out to be,” Sonia Gandhi said.
            Speaking at the CPP today, So-                                                                        Former Prime Minister Manmo-
        nia Gandhi also thanked all the se-                                                                   han Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Leader of
        nior and experienced colleagues who                                                                   Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Mal-
        have retired from the Rajya Sabha                                                                     likarjun Kharge and Congress leader
        for their contribution.                                                                               Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury were also
            “Four of our very senior and                                                                      present at the meeting.
        experienced colleagues have just re-                                                                      But Union Minister Anurag
        tired from the Rajya Sabha, more           Rahul Gandhi meets RJD leader Sharad Yadav, in New Delhi on Friday.    Thakur took a dig at Congress over
        will retire before we meet next. Each                  (ANI Photo/Sharad Yadav Twitter)               their Assembly Poll debacle and said
        and every one of them has contrib-                                                                    that the party does not look outside
        uted much during their tenure. I                                                                      the Gandhi family. Speaking to re-
        thank them all. I am sure they will all   ture of political discourse in all states   She said that the ruling establish-  porters, Thakur said, “Congress does
        remain involved in some way or the   and that history is being “mischie-  ment continues to target the opposi-  not look outside the Gandhi family.
        other in public and political life, and   vously distorted” to add fuel to its   tion, its leaders and workers. “The   Rahul Gandhi took charge but did
        continue to work to strengthen our   agenda.                        full might of the state machinery is   not get any seats in West Bengal. Pri-
        party,” she said.                     “The divisive and polarizing   unleashed against them. Maximum   yanka Gandhi took charge of Uttar
            The Congress interim president   agenda of the ruling party and its   governance to those in power clearly   Pradesh but lost deposits and won
        further said that this session of Par-  leaders has now become a regular   means spreading maximum fear and   only two seats. Now again Sonia
        liament has seen the Budget as well   feature of the political discourse in   intimidation.  Such  blatant  threats   Gandhi  has  taken  command  of  the
        as discussions on the functioning of   state after state. History, not just   and tactics will not frighten or silence   party...” Further slamming the Gand-
        various ministries. “A number of you   ancient but also contemporary, is   us nor will we get cowed down,” she   hi leadership in the party, the Union
        have participated and put across our   mischievously distorted and facts are   said.                  Minister  said  that  the  questions  of
        party’s viewpoints forcefully. Issues   maliciously invented to add fuel to   She further slammed the BJP   what is happening in the Congress
        of public importance have also been   this agenda. It is for us all to stand   for the rising inflation and asked the   and whether they will limit themself
        raised by our MPs in both Houses.   up and confront these forces of hate   party members to sustain the ‘Mehn-  to just one family have remained un-
        Of course, the Government’s atti-  and prejudice. We will not allow   gai-mukt Bharat ‘campaign. She also   changed over years.
        tude has not changed,” she added.  them to damage the bonds of amity   said that the future of medical stu-  “Congress  does  not  have  the
            Hitting out at the ruling BJP, she   and harmony that have sustained and   dents evacuated from Ukraine needs   answer to its own mystery,” he said
        said that the ruling party’s “divisive   enriched our diverse society for cen-  to be assured at the earliest.  while referring to the questions raised
        agenda” has become a regular fea-  turies,” Sonia Gandhi said.          The Congress president said that   by  the  party  over  rising  inflation.

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