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VOLUME III | Issue 3                                                                               FRIDAY | April 15 | 2022 • US 50C

                  SPECIAL FEATURE

        Wisdom from the life and talks of              BIG
        HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj   uu 13

                ENTERTAINMENT EYE                       STORY
                                                            uu 4

                                                                         congress Party

                                                      exIstentIaL crIsIs?

                                                     Still recovering from the “shocking and painful” defeats in the recent Assembly
        ‘Ralia’: A match made in                     elections, Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul speak of “unity at all
        Bollywood   uu 38                            levels” to challenge the BJP. Can they unite the Opposition at this critical juncture?

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 18                                                               uu 48

           IAF HOSTS 11th OUTSTANDING WOMEN’S                                                          IPL 2022
                  ACHIEVEMENTS AWARDS GALA                                       Lucknow Super Giants in a great form with
                                                                                           a mix of talent and balance
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