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VOL. IV | Issue 31 | FRIDAY | OCTOBER 27 | 2023                                                    NY&NJ • IL • CA&TX • US 50C


        From bad to worse: Canadians
        skip P20 meeting as 41 diplomats
        recalled from New Delhi   uu 6                  BIG

                    BUSINESS EYE                        STORY

                                                             uu 4

                                                                     ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR

                                                      INDIA’S BALANCING ACT

        Small and medium business in                 After openly backing Israel, the Indian government reiterates its support
        India going digital with sustainable         to its old policy on the Palestinian issue. As the Opposition pressures the
        goals   uu 38                                Modi government on this issue, what are India’s options?

           NA                                                                 SA

           NEWSLINE                                                           NEWSLINE
            uu 14                                                              uu 34

                                                                                    EXCLUSIVE : INTERVIEW WITH PENPA TSERING
                NYC MAYOR ERIC ADAMS HOSTS ANNUAL                            “Latin American countries have to be very smart about

                    RECEPTION CELEBRATING DIWALI                              investments from China and value freedom they have”

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