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NATION                                                                   JUNE 03, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     6

              Justice delayed, not denied: Yasin Malik

                   now faces life in prison for terrorism

          NIA had sought the death penalty for the separatist leader who was convicted on May 19. On
          May 10, Malik had told the court that he was not contesting the charges levelled against him

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                            he had committed prior to the year
                                                                                                              1994 and still remained engaged in
        New Delhi/Srinagar
                                                                                                              violent acts,” the judge said. “It is to
           n a shocking allegation, Madhya                                                                    be noticed that, when he claimed to
           Pradesh Home Minister Narot-                                                                       have given up the path of violence af-
        Itam  Mishra  on  Thursday  said                                                                      ter the year 1994, the government of
        that separatist leader Yasin Malik,                                                                   India took it upon its face value and
        who was convicted in a terror funding                                                                 gave him an opportunity to reform
        case, was nurtured by the Congress                                                                    and in good faith, tried to engage in
        party. Mishra put forth his stance and                                                                a meaningful dialogue with him and
        targeted the party leaders for not re-                                                                as admitted by him, gave him every
        acting over life sentence to Yasin Ma-                                                                platform to express his opinion, said
        lik. “Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi,                                                                     NIA Judge Praveen Singh.
        Digvijay Singh’s tweet on Yasin Ma-                                                                       “I must observe here that the
        lik did not come. Congress nurtured                                                                   convict cannot invoke the Mahatma
        Yasin Malik has been convicted by                                                                     and claim to be his follower because,
        the court, he himself has accepted the                                                                in Mahatma Gandhi’s principles,
        murder on TV,” he said.                                                                               there was no place for violence, how-
            Malik was sentenced to life im-                                                                   soever high the objective might be. It
        prisonment twice (one for waging                                                                      only took one small incident of vio-
        war against the nation and one in                                                                     lence at Chauri Chaura for the Ma-
        UAPA sec 17 raising fund for terror                                                                   hatma to call off the entire non-co-
        act).                                                                                                 operation movement but the convict
            The   National  Investigation  JKLF Chief Yasin Malik being taken out of NIA Court in New Delhi on Wednesday (ANI Photo)  despite large scale of violence en-
        Agency (NIA) court on Wednesday                                                                       gulfing the valley neither condemned
        awarded life imprisonment to Yasin   alty for the separatist leader who was   A (sedition) of the IPC.  the violence nor withdrew his calen-
        Malik, a separatist leader from Jam-  convicted on May 19. On May 10,   The Special NIA Judge Praveen   dar of protest which had led to the
        mu and Kashmir, in a terror funding   Malik had told the court that he was   Singh on Wednesday while sentenc-  said violence,” the court further ob-
        case. The NIA court while sentenc-  not contesting the charges levelled   ing JKLF leader Yasin Malik to life   served.
        ing life imprisonment to Malik also   against him that including Section 16   imprisonment in a terror funding   The NIA court further said that
        imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh. He was   (terrorist act), 17 (raising funds for   case said, in  his opinion, there was   the crimes for which Malik was con-
        sentenced to life imprisonment twice   the terrorist act), 18 (conspiracy to   no reformation of the convict.  victed were of a very serious nature.
        (one for waging war against the na-  commit terrorist act) and 20 (being   “It may be correct that the con-  These crimes were intended to strike
        tion and one in UAPA sec 17 raising   a member of terrorist gang or orga-  vict may have given up the gun in   at the heart of the idea of India and
        fund for terror act).             nization) of the UAPA and sections   the year 1994, but he had never ex-  intended to forcefully secede J-K
            NIA had sought the death pen-  120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 124-  pressed any regret for the violence   from the Union of India.

          Kashmiri Pandits protest killing of Rahul Bhat

              s the protest against the targeted killings                                          probe the murder. Bhatt, an employee of the Te-
              of Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley                                            hsil office in the Budgam district’s Chadoora, was
        Aentered its 10th day on Saturday, Kashmiri                                                shot dead by terrorists in Budgam on Thursday.
        Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag ton-                                                  Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor
        sured their heads in protest.                                                              Manoj Sinha on Monday met Kashmiri Pandits
            The  protesters  were  seen  shaving off  their                                        who staged protests against the killing of Cha-
        heads and raising slogans against the administra-                                          doora Tehsil Office employee Rahul Bhat to offer
        tion.                                                                                      his condolences and assured them a resolution of
            The killing of Rahul Bhatt, a Kashmiri Pandit                                          their grievances.
        and government employee on May 12 this year,                                                  After meeting Sinha, Kashmiri Pandit Em-
        triggered protests by locals wherein teargas shells                                        ployees said that the talks will continue.
        were used to disperse the protesters.         Kashmiri Pandits holding banners take part in a protest march   “Demand relocation to safe places outside the
            Following the protest, the J-K government   against the killing of Rahul Bhat in Srinagar. (ANI Photo)  Kashmir valley, will not join duty until the demand
        constituted a special investigation team (SIT) to                                          is met. Protest will continue,” they said.

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