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VOLUME III | Issue 10                                                                               FRIDAY | JUNE 03 | 2022 • US 50C


        Justice delayed, not denied: Yasin
        Malik now faces life in prison for               BIG
        terrorism   uu 6

                ENTERTAINMENT EYE                         STORY
                                                              uu 4

                                                                              QUAD & IPEF

                                                               A $50 BILLION GAME

        Karan Johar @ 50:                            US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister join hands with Japan
        Birthday Boy paints Bollywood red  and Australia to launch new initiatives for free and fair trade in the Indo-
        in his sizzling bash uu 28                   Pacific region. Will this strategy work to contain the rising power of China?

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 18                                                               uu 41

                                                                                                  IPL SEASON 2022
               Bollywood Legend Hema Malini Supports                              Rajat, Umran and Shubman: How the new
                             ISKCON Naperville
                                                                                      generation is shaping T20s in India
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