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NORTH AMERICAN Newsline                                                   MAY 19, 2023  |    The Indian Eye 20

        Turban Day Hosted at Times Square in New York

        Senator Chuck Schumer of New York joins the gathering and shares his views on how

                  Sikh community has always been an integral part of the American society

        OUR BUREAU
        New York NY
              urban  Day  was  celebrated
              this year on May 6 at Times
        TSquare, as an expression of
        Sikh faith and commitment to serve
        humanity.  The  purpose  of  organiz-
        ing this event every year is to bring
        awareness  among  all  citizens  about
        Turban and its value in Sikh faith.
            “Considering  the  unfortunate
        discrimination and hate crimes faced
        by Sikhs who wear or tie turbans,
        we believe that it is more important
        than ever to break down barriers be-
        tween different communities.
            This event represents a unique
        opportunity to tackle these issues and                                                                tion  of  hate,  bigotry,  and  violence.
        unite people in the spirit of respect                                                                 He showed his solidarity to the Sikh
        and  education,”  said  a  statement                                                                  community  by  wearing  the  Turban
        from the organizers of the event.                                                                     and shook a leg to famous Punjabi
            Turban Day at Times Square is                                                                     music.
        organized by Turban Day Inc. and is
        the largest turban tying event in the                                                                 Besides tying more than 2,000
            “We  have  been  running  this                                                                    colorful turbans on any fellow
        event  since  2016  and  have  tied                                                                   human coming from any back-
        more  than  20,000  turbans  over  the
        years  with  the  goals  of  educating                                                                ground, skin color, religion and
        more people. We firmly believe that                                                                   status, there were multiple art-
        knowledge  and  understanding  are
        the  most  effective  tools  for  com-                                                                ists from the Sikh community
        batting  discrimination  and  building                                                                showcasing their culture and
        bridges  between  communities,”  the
        organizers said.                                                                                      heritage.
            “The turban is an integral part of
        Sikh identity and has been worn by                                                                        Young musicians from the Sikh
        Sikhs for centuries. It not only rep-                                                                 Symphony California performed 31
        resents the core values of our faith,                                                                 ragas  in  13  different  taals  (beats)
        but  also  signifies  the  responsibility                                                             using multiple Indian classical string
        to protect the rights of all individu-                                                                instruments such as sitar, rabab, taus
        als,  regardless  of  their  background,                                                              and tabla. Musician Biba Singh per-
        race, or religion. By participating in                                                                formed some popular numbers and
        Turban Day, people who might not                                                                      multiple artists performed Bhangra
        know can learn more about the im-                                                                     and  folk  dance  Gidda  bringing  at-
        portance of the Sikh turban.”                                                                         tendees together to dance and enjoy
            To support this event and Sikh                                                                    music.
        community  in  the  US,  Senator                                                                          Famous Bollywood artist Man-
        Chuck Schumer of New York took                                                                        meet    Singh(actor/writer/director)
        to the stage and shared his views                                                                     had a message for everyone. “For a
        on how Sikh community has always                                                                      Sikh the turban represents love, hard
        been an integral part of the Ameri-                                                                   work and humility. When seen from
        can society. “We love the Sikh com-                                                                   away, for anyone in distress it indi-
        munity,  and  it  is  a  beautiful  com-                                                              cates  that  they  can  come  to  a  Sikh
        munity.  We  welcome  you  as  New    “You work hard, you believe in   community,” the Senator said men-  and  seek help  and  support  and  no
        Yorker’s  and  as  Americans,”  the   family, you have a great faith, and   tioning about passing the Asian Anti  matter what the situation is they will
        Senator said.                     you help build and create our great   Hate crime bill to prosecute any ac-  be assisted,” he said.

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