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NATION                                                                    MAY 12, 2023  |    The Indian Eye                     8

                       Kashmir Valley hopes to see

              a major boost in tourism as G-20

                         meeting takes place in J&K

          People directly or indirectly connected with the tourism sector are also very happy and

                                      optimistic about the G20 summit being held here

        OUR BUREAU
        Srinagar (J&K)
              arious  departments are  busy
              preparing for the G20 summit
        Vto be held in Srinagar, while
        many  others  have  finalized  their
        preparations. There is also a pro-
        gram for the visit of delegates from
        20 countries to the city of Gulmarg
        and Dal Lake. A large part of it has
        already been cleaned and the clean-
        ing work on the other part is going on
        in full swing. In order to clean the Dal
        Lake from weeds in the water, several
        persons have been employed at many
        places to make the Dal Lake attractive.
            The sanitation work is carried
        out in Dal throughout the year. But
        for the G20 summit, special attention
        is being paid to the cleaning of sever-
        al important places in the lake.
            The Vice Chairman of Lake Con-
        servation and Management Authori-
        ty Dr. Bashir Ahmed Butt said that
        every possible effort is being made to
        make the Dal attractive and even bet-  With the tourism season in Kashmir starting earlier this year, the increase in demand for Shikaras is set to boost the tourism sector (ANI)
        ter. So that a positive message is sent
        at the international level. He said   lake. Such measures are intended to   A record number of tourists was   top attraction. As this trend has only
        that not only the tourism sector will   make the lake more attractive and   seen in Kashmir in 2022. Although   grown stronger, the work of artisans
        get more boost from the G20 summit   also to give a special look on the oc-  last year 1 crore 88 thousand domes-  like Nisar has increased significantly.
        being held in Srinagar and the dele-  casion of the G20 meeting.    tic and foreign tourists visited Kash-  While  the  surge  in  demand is
        gates visiting Dal Lake. It is possible   On the other hand, the people   mir, more than 2 crore tourists are   great for business, it also poses chal-
        that more and more tourists will be   directly or indirectly connected with   expected to arrive this year. He said   lenges for artisans. Nisar Ahmed
        attracted  towards  visiting  Kashmir.  the tourism sector are also very hap-  that in such a situation, even from   notes  the  difficulty  in  obtaining
            Talking about bringing several ar-  py and optimistic about the G20 sum-  the G20 meeting, the tourism sector   suitable pine wood of the required
        eas within the Dal Lake on the tour-  mit being held here. They say  that   will reach new heights.   length. Despite these challenges, he
        ist map and developing these areas   this summit will not only promote   In recent years, the traditional   remains committed to meeting the
        as tourist villages, VC Bashir Ahmed   Jammu and Kashmir at the interna-  Shikaras of Kashmir have become a   needs of his customers.
        Butt said that the Lake Conserva-  tional level but the tourism sector of   popular attraction for tourists, and   With  the  tourism  season  in
        tion and Management Authority has   Kashmir will get a new dimension.  this year, the demand for these iconic   Kashmir  starting  earlier  this  year,
        cleaned the selected areas, apart from   Associated people say that due   boats has surged. Shikara artisans like   the increase in demand for Shikaras
        the navigation channels. Restoration   to the Coronavirus and the unfavor-  Nisar Ahmed are working tirelessly   is set to boost the tourism sector and
        and other works have been taken up.  able conditions of Jammu and Kash-  to keep pace with orders, with more   increase the income of people direct-
            During the conversation, he said   mir before that, the tourism sector,   than 40 on his plate at his 40-year-old   ly or indirectly connected with it. The
        that the country’s highest aerator has   which is the backbone of the econo-  factory on the famous Dal Lake. The   charming Daisen Shikaras manufac-
        been installed in Dal Lake. It will   my of Jammu and Kashmir, was af-  rise in demand for Shikaras can be   tured in Nisar Ahmed’s factory is a
        throw water up to 85 meters i.e., 279   fected to a great extent, but this sec-  attributed to the increasing number   sight to behold on the Dal Lake, a
        feet. Apart from this, air tars have   tor has been slowly declining for the   of visitors to Kashmir, with Shikara   testament to the enduring allure of
        been installed at 6 more places in the   past few years. Returning to Kashmir.   rides on the Dal Lake becoming a   Kashmir’s traditional boats.

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