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                India angry as China and Pakistan

         join hands on kashmir at oIC meeting

            Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi lands in Kabul in an unannounced trip, a day after he
                   attended the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting in Islamabad

                                                                                                              of  our  Islamic  friends.  And  China
        OuR BuREAu
                                                                                                              shares the same hope,” he had said.
        New Delhi/Islamabad                                                                                   The  48th  Council  of  the  Foreign
                                                                                                              Ministers  (CFMs)  of  the  OIC  con-
           ndia on Thursday hit out at OIC’s                                                                  cluded in Islamabad on Thursday.
           references to Kashmir in state-
                                                                                                                  Earlier, Chinese Foreign Min-
        Iments adopted at its meeting in                                                                      ister  Wang  Yi  landed  in  Kabul on
        Islamabad,  saying  these  “demon-                                                                    Thursday in an unannounced trip, a
        strate both the irrelevance of the                                                                    day after he attended the Organiza-
        Organization of Islamic Cooperation                                                                   tion of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
        as a body and role of Pakistan as its                                                                 meeting in Islamabad.
        manipulator”.  In  a  strongly-worded                                                                     Yi’s visit is the first by a senior
        response to the OIC statement, Min-                                                                   Chinese minister to Afghanistan
        istry of  External  Affairs spokesman                                                                 after  Taliban seized power  in Ka-
        Arindam Bagchi said references have                                                                   bul in August. The Chinese Foreign
        been made to India and are based on                                                                   Minister’s visit come after he com-
        falsehoods  and  misrepresentation.                                                                   pleted his three-day visit to Pakistan
        He said the “absurdity” of OIC com-                                                                   where he held discussions with the
        menting on the treatment of minori-      Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrives in Delhi on Thursday (ANI Photo)  country’s top leadership. He was re-
        ties at the instance of “a serial viola-                                                              ceived by Afghanistan’s acting For-
        tor of human rights like Pakistan”, is                                                                eign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi
        so evident.                                                                                           on arrival in Kabul.
            Bagchi said countries associat-
                                                                                                                  The two sides are expected
        ed with this exercise should realize                                                                  to hold talks on issues focusing on
        its impact on their reputation. “The                                                                  China’s role in stability and devel-
        statements  and  resolutions  adopted                                                                 opment, the state news agency re-
        at the meeting demonstrate both the                                                                   ported.
        irrelevance of the Organization of Is-                                                                    The Taliban has courted Chinese
        lamic Cooperation as a body and the                                                                   investment in recent months. Earlier
        role of Pakistan as its manipulator,”                                                                 this month, Afghanistan’s Ministry of
        he said.                                                                                              Mines and Petroleum said talks were
            “References have been made to
        India that are based on falsehoods                                                                    underway with Beijing over resuming
                                                                                                              work in the massive copper mine.
        and  misrepresentation.  The  absur-                                                                      This visit also comes at the heels
        dity of this body commenting on the                                                                   of Wang Yi’s expected to visit India
        treatment  of  minorities,  that  too  at                                                             to hold talks with his Indian coun-
        the instance of a serial violator of                                                                  terpart  S  Jaishankar.  This  will  be
        human rights like Pakistan, is so evi-                                                                the  first  high  profile  and  a  physical
        dent. Nations and Governments that                                                                    meeting between the leaders of both
        associate themselves with such exer-   An Afghanistani delegation with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad    countries after the Galwan clash and
        cises should realize the impact it has                  (ANI Photo/Dawn Newspaper)                    the beginning of the border stand-off
        on their reputation,” he added.                                                                       that started in May 2020.
            Bagchi was responding to media
                                              Ministry of External Affairs
                                                                                                                  The main aim of Wang’s visit is
        queries on references to India in the   spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said   India refrains from public judgement   to restart physical engagement and
                                                                            of their internal issues,” Bagchi said.
        statements  and  resolutions  adopted   other countries including China have   His  response  came  in  response   also invite Prime Minister Narendra
        at the OIC meeting in Pakistan.   no  locus  standi  to  comment.  “We   to media queries on reference to   Modi for a BRICS meeting to be
            The government on Wednesday
        rejected the “uncalled reference” to   reject the uncalled reference to In-  Jammu and Kashmir made by Chi-  hosted  by  Beijing  later  this  year.  It
                                                                            nese Foreign Minister in his speech
                                                                                                              is pertinent to mention that the In-
                                          dia by the Chinese Foreign Minister
        Jammu and Kashmir by the Chinese   Wang Yi during his speech at the   at OIC meet in Pakistan.        dia-China stand-off at the border is
        Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his   Opening  Ceremony.  Matters  relat-  Addressing the OIC meeting   continuing as multiple rounds of mil-
        speech at the opening ceremony of   ed to the Union Territory of Jammu   on Tuesday, Wang Yi had said Chi-  itary and diplomatic discussions did
        the Organization of Islamic Coop-  & Kashmir are entirely the internal   na stands ready to work with Islamic   not reap results.
        eration and said matters related to   affairs of India. Other countries in-  countries to promote multipolarity   India has called for complete
        the union territory “are entirely the   cluding China have no locus standi   in the world. “On Kashmir, we have   disengagement in eastern Ladakh at
        internal affairs of India”.
                                          to comment. They should note that   heard again today the calls of many   all friction points.

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