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BIG STORY                                                                APRIL 01, 2022  |   The Indian Eye                     4

                                             IndIa on ukraIne

               Firm Under Pressure?

         Growing strategic convergence with the us has been valuable for India but does it come at a price?

         as the russia-ukraine war gets hotter, how can India play a balancing and capacity-building roles?

        OuR BuREAu

        New Delhi/New York/London
           n an important development on
           Thursday, the UN General As-
        Isembly (UNGA) adopted a reso-
        lution on the humanitarian situation in
        Ukraine, with 140 countries voting in
        favour and five against. A total of 38
        countries  including  India  abstained.
        “The General Assembly adopted a
        resolution that calls out Russia’s as-
        sault on Ukraine for creating a dire hu-
        manitarian situation, pushes for a hu-
        manitarian corridor, and demands that
        fighting stops. In favour: 140 Against: 5
        Abstained: 38,” the UN News tweeted.
            The resolution deplores the “hu-
        manitarian consequences” of Russia’s
            Earlier this, India had abstained
        from voting on a similar resolution
        against Russia at UNGA. The UNGA
        had overwhelmingly voted to condemn
        Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
            India has been under pressure
        from the western countries, especially   Prime Minister Narendra Modi with uS President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Rome last year (ANI Photo)
        the US, to condemn Russia. But India
        has refused to do so.                                                                                     The two sides reviewed progress
            As part of the process, External                                                                  in various domains under the India-US
        Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tues-                                                                Comprehensive Global Strategic Part-
        day met US Under Secretary of State                                                                   nership following up on Prime Minis-
        for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland                                                                 ter Narendra Modi’s discussions with
        and held discussions on expanding bi-                                                                 President Joe Biden in Washington in
        lateral cooperation as also on the In-                                                                September 2021. Both sides welcomed
        do-Pacific and the Ukraine situation.                                                                 regular high-level dialogue and en-
            “Pleased to  meet  @UnderSec-                                                                     gagement, including productive meet-
        StateP. Good discussion on expanding                                                                  ings of bilateral mechanisms which led
        our  bilateral  cooperation,  on South                                                                to intensifying of cooperation across
        Asia,  Indo-Pacific  and  the  Ukraine                                                                all pillars of bilateral agenda.
        situation,” Jaishankar said in a tweet.                                                                   Meanwhile, both sides looked
        Nuland is visiting Bangladesh, India,                                                                 forward to the India-US 2+2 Ministe-
        and Sri Lanka with an interagency                                                                     rial Meeting in Washington DC. They
        delegation to underscore US com-                                                                      agreed to hold the next FOC at a mutu-
        mitment to, and cooperation with, In-                                                                 ally convenient date in Washington DC.
        do-Pacific partners.                                                                                      As the global community responds
            Nuland and Foreign Secretary                                                                      to the Russian military operation in
        Harsh Vardhan Shringla had on Mon-                                                                    Ukraine, experts have supported India
        day co-chaired India-US Foreign                                                                       on its stand to remain impartial at the
        Office  Consultations  (FOC)  and  re-                                                                UN Security Council.
        affirmed their commitment to a free,   External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar interacting with uS under Secretary of State for   They were speaking at the virtu-
        open, inclusive, peaceful and prosper-     Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, in New Delhi on Tuesday. (ANI Photo)  al seminar hosted by The Democracy
        ous Indo-Pacific.                                                                                            Continued at next page... >>

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