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NATION                                                                 MARCH 25, 2022  |     The Indian Eye                     8

          Discussion on as India and us not seem to

             be on the same page on ukrainian crisis

          India has been under tremendous pressure to take a side in the ongoing conflict, particularly

                             from the US, which has imposed severe sanctions against Russia

                                                                                                              creased. “Russia has been a margin-
        OUR BUREAU                                                                                            al supplier of crude oil to India (less
                                                                                                              than 1 per cent of our requirement,
        Washington, DC/New Delhi
                                                                                                              not among top 10 sources). There is
              ongressmen Ro Khanna and                                                                        no G2G arrangement of import,” the
              Joe Wilson have held talks                                                                      sources said.
        Cwith the Indian Ambassador                                                                               Meanwhile, the United States has
        to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu urg-                                                                 said India would not be violating US
        ing India to “speak out against Putin’s                                                               sanctions  by purchasing  discounted
        targeting of civilians in Ukraine”.                                                                   Russian oil but added that such a move
            “Appreciated the opportunity                                                                      would put the world’s largest democ-
        to join @RepJoeWilson in a bipar-                                                                     racy on the “wrong side of history”.
        tisan call with Ambassador @Sand-                                                                         The United States is in touch
        huTaranjitS, urging India to speak                                                                    with Indian leaders at various levels
        out against Putin’s targeting of ci-                                                                  over the issue of India’s decision to
        vilians in Ukraine. On both sides of                                                                  buy oil from Russia at a discount,
        the aisle, friends of India are urging                                                                White House Press Secretary Jen
        India to use its influence for peace,”                                                                Psaki said on Friday. “We have been
        Ro Khanna of the Democratic party                US President Joe Biden holds a phone conversation    in touch, of course, with Indian lead-
        said in a tweet.                              with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday (ANI)  ers at a range of levels, (however) not
            The development comes amidst                                                                      through the president,” Psaki said
        an escalation in rhetoric by the US                                                                   during a press briefing. Psaki was re-
        administration against the Russian                                                                    sponding to a question on the US’s
        actions in Ukraine, with US Presi-                                                                    stand with respect to India’s decision
        dent Joe Biden calling Russian Presi-                                                                 to buy Russian oil, despite the severe
        dent Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”                                                                  sanctions imposed on Russia by most
        on  Wednesday,  and  further  calling                                                                 of the Western countries.
        him a “murderous dictator” and a                                                                          Earlier, on Tuesday, the United
        “pure thug” on Thursday.                                                                              States said India would not be violat-
            Earlier on Friday, India had reit-                                                                ing US sanctions by purchasing dis-
        erated its earlier calls for a complete                                                               counted Russian oil but added that
        cessation of hostilities in Ukraine at                                                                such a move would put the world’s
        the United Nations Security Council                                                                   largest democracy on the “wrong
        (UNSC).  “We  reiterate  our  call  for                                                               side of history”.
        the immediate cessation of hostilities                                                                    India has been under tremen-
        across Ukraine. Our Prime Minister                                                                    dous pressure  to  take  a  side in the
        has reiterated this on several occa-                                                                  ongoing  conflict,  particularly  from
        sions and called for immediate cease-                                                                 the US, which has imposed severe
        fire and emphasized that there is no                                                                  sanctions against Russia following its
        option but the path of dialogue and di-                                                               invasion of Ukraine in late February
        plomacy,” India’s Permanent Repre-                                                                    this year.
        sentative to the UN TS Tirumurti said.  Members of All India Democratic Students Organisation (AIDSO) burn an effigy while staging   A  Russian  government  release
            But India’s legitimate energy                                                                     last  week  had  said  that  Russia’s  oil
        transactions should not be politi-  a protest against the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war and demanding the safe return of stranded   and petroleum product exports to In-
        cized, said sources amid reports that          Indian students from the war-hit Ukraine in Kolkata (ANI)  dia have approached USD 1 billion,
        New Delhi is planning to buy Russian                                                                  and there are clear opportunities to
        oil at a discounted rate following the   11 per cent). USA has also now be-  to  our  energy  security.  For  obvious   increase  this  figure.  “We  expect  to
        surge  in  global oil  prices  after  the   come an important crude oil source   reasons, we have had to stop sourc-  continue cooperating in the devel-
        Ukraine conflict.                 for India (7.3 per cent), sources in-  ing from Iran and Venezuela. Alter-  opment of peaceful nuclear power,
            India is highly dependent on im-  formed.  Imports  from  the  US  are   native sources have often come at a   in particular, in building the nuclear
        ports for meeting its energy require-  expected to increase substantially in   higher cost,” the sources said.   power units at Kudankulam,” Rus-
        ments, nearly 85 per cent of crude oil   the current year, probably by around   The sources further stated   sia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alex-
        requirement (5 million barrels a day)   11 per cent. Its market share will be 8   that the jump in oil prices after the   ander  Novak  was  quoted  as saying
        has to be imported. Most of the im-  per cent, according to sources.  Ukraine  conflict  has  now  added  to   in the statement following a phone
        ports are from West Asia (Iraq 23 per   “Geopolitical  developments  our  challenges.  The  pressure  for   conversation with Indian Petroleum
        cent, Saudi Arabia 18 per cent, UAE   have  posed  significant  challenges   competitive sourcing has naturally in-  Minister Hardeep Singh Puri.

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