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BIG STORY                                                              MARCH 25, 2022  |     The Indian Eye                     4

                                        Punjab government

               The Rise of Mann

          the comedian-turned politician has seen a meteoric rise in his career in a span of just eight years.

                             now, he wants to make Punjab a front-runner and free of corruption

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                                As AAP wins Punjab, it will be
                                                                                                              the party’s maiden victory in the state
                                                                                                              and a vast improvement from its per-
              am Aadmi Party (AAP)                                                                            formance in the 2017 elections when
              leader Bhagwant Mann on                                                                         the  party  had  finished  behind  Con-
        AWednesday took oath as the                                                                           gress.
        Chief Minister of Punjab in a grand
        ceremony organized in Khatkar Ka-                                                                     veteran Punjab singer  gur-
        lan,  the  ancestral  village  of  legend-
        ary  freedom  fighter  Bhagat  Singh.                                                                 das maan, who was spotted at
        Mann, in a video message, released                                                                    Khatkar Kalan to attend the
        earlier had invited the people of the
        state for his oath-taking ceremony,                                                                   swearing-in ceremony of bhag-
        urging men to wear ‘basanti (yellow)’                                                                 want mann as the state Chief
        turbans and women yellow ‘dupatta
        (stole)’ for the ceremony.                                                                            minister, said that it is just the
            Basanti  colour  signifies  revolu-                                                               beginning and praised the ide-
        tion and the spirit of sacrifice and is
        identified with Bhagat Singh. It also                                                                 ology of the aam aadmi Party
        aligns with  welcoming the  Spring                                                                    (aaP), calling it “special”.
        season. Mann wore a yellow turban
        for the ceremony, and the same co-                                                                        “It’s (AAP winning 92 seats in
        lour was chosen for the theme of the                                                                  Punjab Assembly elections) just a
        decor.                                                                                                beginning.  Their  (AAP)  ideology  is
            Delhi Chief Minister and AAP
        national  convenor  Arvind  Kejriwal                                                                  special. I pray that God gives them
                                                                                                              (AAP) courage to make prosperous
        and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister                                                                       Punjab,” the singer said. The venue
        Manish Sisodia also sported yellow   Aam Aadmi Party leader Bhagwant Mann during his oath-taking ceremony as Punjab Chief   looked like a sea of yellow as people
        turbans at the ceremony, tied in a                      Minister, in Khatkar Kalan (ANI)              donned  yellow  turbans  and  stoles.
        style inspired by Bhagat Singh’s tur-                                                                 Mann took oath at a grand ceremo-
        ban.  The  type  of  headgear  sported                                                                ny  in  Khatkar  Kalan,  the  ancestral
        by political leaders plays a significant                                                              village of legendary freedom fighter
        role in conveying a silent yet clear                                                                  Bhagat Singh.
        message of what they intend to rep-                                                                       The  comedian-turned  politician
        resent or portray.                                                                                    and the newly sworn-in Chief Min-
            When  the  Aam Aadmi Party
        came  into  power,  the  white  ‘Gand-                                                                ister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann has
                                                                                                              seen a meteoric rise in his career,
        hi topi’ with the words “Main Hoon                                                                    making the debut in state politics to
        Aam Aadmi” was worn prominently                                                                       win the Lok Sabha elections to take
        by party workers and supporters.                                                                      the top post in a span of just eight
            The AAP registered a landslide
        victory in recently concluded Pun-                                                                    years.
                                                                                                                  Born in Satoj village of Sangrur
        jab Assembly polls, winning 92 seats,                                                                 in  1973,  Mann  has  had  an  eventful
        pushing most of its rivals to the mar-                                                                journey from starting his career as
        gins.  Congress  won  18  seats  in  the                                                              a comedian to becoming the Punjab
        117-member Assembly.                                                                                  Chief  Minister.  Mann  graduated  in
            Mann, who was contesting from
        Dhuri Assembly constituency in                                                                        1992  from  Shaheed  Udham  Singh
                                                                                                              Government College. His stint as a
        Sangrur district, won by a margin of                                                                  stand-up comic in the popular show
        58,206  votes  over  Congress’  Dalvir   Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters attend the oath-taking ceremony of Bhagwant Mann (ANI)
        Singh Goldy.                                                                                                 Continued at next page... >>

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