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VOLUME II | Issue 52                                                                              FRIDAY | MARCH 25 | 2022 • US 50C

                  SPECIAL FEATURE

        ToWArdS BeTTer Living :
        Wisdom from the life and talks of                                                                                 BIG
        HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj   uu 20

                ENTERTAINMENT EYE                                                                                         STORY
                                                                                                                              uu  4

                                                                    Punjab government

                                                             the rIse of mann

        From film sets to social media,              The comedian-turned politician has seen a meteoric rise in his career in
        Bollywood splashes colors                    a span of just eight years. Now, he wants to make Punjab a front-runner
        on Holi  uu 32                               and free of corruption.

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 22                                                               uu 42

             Shree Saini wins first runner-up title at                                                 IPL 2022
                             Miss World 2021                                 Ahead of kick-off, teams train hard and get ready
                                                                                                  for tough games
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