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NATION                                                                 MARCH 25, 2022  |     The Indian Eye 11

        after  the  dissident  leaders  of  G-23   “The meeting with Sonia Gand-
        convened a meeting at Ghulam Nabi   hi  was  good.  All  members  of  the
        Azad’s  residence  on  Wednesday.   Congress party decided unanimously
        During the meeting, it was decided   that she should continue as the presi-
        that the only way forward for the par-  dent, nobody said that Sonia Gandhi
        ty is to adopt the model of collective   should quit, we just had some sugges-
        and inclusive leadership and decision   tions that were shared,” Azad told
        making at all levels.             media persons after the meeting at
            “Just because we are not in   10  Janpath,  the  residence  of  Sonia
        power, Congress leaders or workers   Gandhi. “The discussion was held to
        should not panic. BJP and other par-  fight unitedly in the forthcoming As-
        ties are transit passengers, they will   sembly elections to defeat the oppo-
        come and go, it is the Congress that   sition parties,” he said.
        will remain here.”                    The G-23 group has been a vo-
            Moily said that Sonia Gandhi   cal critic of Congress leadership, de-
        wants reforms within the Congress   manding an organizational overhaul
        party but people around her have   after its members wrote a joint letter
        sabotaged  it.  “G23  leaders  are  tar-  to Gandhi in 2020.
        geting the senior leader & weakening   The results of five assembly polls
        the Congress party. BJP cannot be a   came as a shock to the Congress
        perennial party and it will not stand   which was hoping to do well to revive
        the turmoil of politics after Modi.”   its prospects for the 2024 Lok Sabha
            Congress leader Ghulam Nabi   polls  and  to  fend  off  the  emerging
        Azad on Friday met with party pres-  challenge from the Aam Aadmi Par-
        ident Sonia Gandhi here and said he   ty (AAP) and Trinamool Congress to
        has shared suggestions discussed in   replace it as the fulcrum of anti-BJP
        the dissident G-23 group meeting on   politics in the country.
        strengthening the party, which had a   The party is slated to elect a new
        dismal showing in the recently con-  party chief later this year at the cul-
        cluded Assembly polls in five states.  mination of organizational elections.

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