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BIG STORY                                                             February 12, 2021  |        The Indian Eye                          4

                                             narendra modi

          getting tOugh!

                 after being under pressure for some weeks, Prime minister narendra modi

            hits back at his detractors as he asserts government policy on farming, promotes

                        india’s vaccine diplomacy and deals with China in a strong manner.

        Our Bureau
        New Delhi

               he pandemic didn’t dam-
               age the brand of Nar-
        Tendra  Modi.  In  fact,  he
        emerged stronger from it. But
        the  ongoing  farmers  agitation
        seemed to project that the In-
        dian Prime Minister was under
        siege. Not anymore.
            On  Wednesday,  Modi  said
        that he considers the ‘Kisan
        Andolan’  as  ‘pavitra’  (pious)
        and  slammed  the  ‘Andolanjee-
        vis’ for hijacking the protest. “I
        consider the Kisan Andolan to
        be ‘pavitra’. The movement has
        importance in India’s democ-
        racy,  but,  when  Andolanjeevis
        hijack protests, showcases pho-
        tos  of  those  jailed  for  serious
        offences, does it serve any pur-
        pose?  Not  allowing  toll  plazas
        to  work,  destroying  telecom
        towers in Punjab. Does it serve
        pious protests,” PM Modi said                                 Modi took an aggressive posture in the Lok Sabha this week
        in Lok Sabha during the reply
        to the Motion of Thanks on  One Nation One Election. They  18th  century.  We  will  have  to                 laws. “Congress MPs in House
        the President’s Address. “The  speak of gender justice but op- change it. Nobody wants farm-                  debated on the color of the laws.
        protesters have done the work  pose Triple Talaq.”                       ers  to  stay  stuck  in  the  cycle   It would have been better if they
        of ruining the pious agitation          Tens of thousands of farm- of  poverty,  that  he  doesn’t  get       had debated on the content and
        of the farmers. Therefore, it is  ers have been camping out on  right  to  live.  I  believe  farmers         intent of the laws. Let us under-
        very  important  for  people  of  main highways on the outskirts  shouldn’t be dependent on oth-              stand, as far as the protests are
        the country to differentiate be- of New Delhi for more than two  ers. It is our responsibility.”              concerned, our farmer brothers
        tween  “andolankari”  and  “an- months in a bid to force the gov-            Noting that the process of       at  Delhi  borders  have  been  a
        dolanjeevi,” he added.               ernment to withdraw the new  reforms in agriculture is neces-            victim  of  rumors,  propaganda
            Amid  a  walkout  by  Oppo- laws  they  say  benefit  private  sary and important, Prime Min-             and confusion,” he said.
        sition MPs, Modi said, “ There  buyers at their expense.                 ister said that the new farm laws        He  said  the  new  farm  laws
        are  people  who  talk  the  right      Modi has now become more  provide an option to farmers                provide alternatives to farmers.
        things.  But  this  same  section,  tough on the issue.                  and have been brought to meet        “I want to ask has anything been
        when it comes to doing the right        Defending  the  farm  laws,  the emerging challenges.                 snatched that was available ear-
        things, fail to convert words into  Modi said, “We can’t meet chal-          The Prime Minister accused       lier? What has happened is an
        action.  Those  who  talk  big  on  lenges  of  agriculture  sector  in  the  opposition  of  misleading      alternative option has been pro-
        electoral  reforms  oppose  the  21st century with thinking of  farmers protesting against farm                  Continued on next page... >>

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