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VOLUME I | Issue 45 | FRIDAY | Frbruary 12 | 2021  US 50C



                                                                                                                                          uu  4

        Tunnel and drones: How  a

        rescue operation is being
        done in snowy mountains? uu  8

                       BUSINESS EYE

                                                                            narendra modi

                                                                getting tough

                                                             After being under pressure for some weeks, Prime Minister

        Modi Government                                      Narendra Modi hits back at his detractors as he asserts

        pitches $ 5 trillion dream                           government policy on farming, promotes India’s vaccine
        after budget   uu 36                                 diplomacy and deals with China in a strong manner

           NA                                                                        NA
           NEWSLINE                                                                  NEWSLINE
             uu 20                                                                     uu 24

                         INDIA-US RELATIONS
                                                                                        Ambassador of El Salvador honors
                      Promises and priorities in
                                                                                                       ALBERT JASANI
                          Biden-Modi equation

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