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NATION                                                                February 05, 2021  |        The Indian Eye                          11

                                                In a related development,  genocide in Bangladesh and  is necessary to ask Islamabad
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                                             Bangladesh has slammed Pa- demanded  Islamabad  to  stop  about the violation of human
            The Pakistan Prime Minis- kistan  High  Commission  for  giving shelter to the murderers  rights in Balochistan,” said the
        ter has also launched an inter- celebrating ‘Kashmir Solidarity  of Father of the Nation Sheikh  organisations.
        national smear campaign based  Day’ in Dhaka and demanded  Mujibur Rahman. They also                              Pakistan observes Kashmir
        on falsehood against India. Re- Islamabad to stop sending ter- gave slogans such as -- “Paki- Solidarity Day every year as a
        cently in an interview to ANI,  rorists to Kashmir.                      stan, We want you to put infa- political stunt for renewing the
        Punjab Chief Minister Captain           Bangladesh         Daughters’ mous terrorists behind bars”  country’s pledge of continuing
        Amarinder Singh said that he         Foundation, Manusher Ma- and “Stop sending terrorists to  support to the Kashmiris.
        has informed the Centre that  jhe Manusher Kajey and Yes  Kashmir”.                                               Despite Pakistan’s recent
        smuggling of weapons through  Bangladesh condemned Paki-                     “While Pakistan celebrates  attempts to extend friendship
        drones has increased manifold. stan for committing 1971 mass  ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’, it  to Bangladesh, Dhaka has al-
                                                                                                                      ways maintained that the coun-

        sources also believe that pa-                                                                                 try has not forgotten Pakistan’s
                                                                                                                      gruesome killing of some 30
        kistan is also attempting to                                                                                  lakh Bangladeshis and rape
        add fuel to Khalistan move-                                                                                   of hundreds of thousands of
                                                                                                                      women during the Liberation
        ment in the backdrop of                                                                                       War in 1971.
                                                                                                                          “Pakistan has not yet apol-
        ongoing farmers’ agitation.                                                                                   ogized for the genocide it com-

                                                                                                                      mitted during the 1971 Libera-
            India has repeatedly said                                                                                 tion War. We want to maintain
        that talks and terror cannot go                                                                               a friendship with everyone but
        together and Pakistan should                                                                                  how is that possible if they
        take     demonstrable        steps                                                                            could not make an apology?”
        against terror groups operating                                                                               Foreign  Minister  AK  Abdul
        from its soil responsible for ter-    Armed forces continue to battle terror in kashmir sponsored by Pakistan  Momen said in an interview
        ror attacks against India.                                                                                    last year.

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