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BIG STORY                                                             February 05, 2021  |        The Indian Eye                          6

                           farmers prOtest: fOreign hand?

        >> Continued from previous page...  ing about other fields”.             while commenting on fields oth- eignty cannot be compromised
        The Cyber Cell is working on it.        “Many people (celebrities)  er than his domain,” Pawar told  and external forces can be spec-
            Delhi Police on Friday wrote  have reacted sharply to the  reporters here. Tendulkar had  tators but not participants
        a letter to Google seeking reg- stand taken by them (farmers).  said after comments by a few in-                  “India’s sovereignty can-
        istration details and activity log  My suggestion to Sachin Ten- ternational celebrities on farm- not be compromised. External
        of the account through which a  dulkar is he should be cautious  ers’ protests that India’s sover- forces can be spectators but not
        “toolkit” related to the farmers’                                                                             participants. Indians know In-
        protest was created and upload-                                                                               dia and should decide for India.
        ed on the social media platform.                                                                              Let’s remain united as a nation.
            Farmers have been protest-                                                                                #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgain-
        ing at different borders of the                                                                               stPropaganda,”  Tendulkar  had
        national capital since Novem-                                                                                 tweeted on Wednesday.
        ber 26 last year against the three                                                                                Pawar accused the central
        newly-enacted farm laws.                                                                                      government of trying to defame
            Meanwhile, even national                                                                                  the  farmers’  agitation. “The
        icons have been dragged into the                                                                              Central Government is trying to
        controversy. Days after Sachin                                                                                defame the farmers’ agitation
        Tendulkar  made  comments  in                                                                                 by calling them Khalistani and
        the wake remarks of some ce-                                                                                  terrorists. It is not a good prac-
        lebrities on the protest by farm-                                                                             tice to insult the ‘annadata’ of
        ers, Nationalist Congress Party                                                                               the nation,” he said.
        (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on                                                                                       Amid such charges and
        Saturday asked the former Indi-       farmers blocking kundli Manesar Palwal expressway (kMP) near singhu     counter-charges, a battle of
        an skipper Sachin Tendulkar to                         border in New Delhi on saturday (ANI)                  nerves continues in the heart of
        “exercise caution while speak-                                                                                India.

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