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NATION                                                                NOVEMBER 27, 2020  |        The Indian Eye                          9

        Ground in Burari. We appeal to  they only want to be heard,  during the protests in the past  accept the demands of the farm-
        them to maintain peace in order  which is their constitutional  three months.                                 ers to take them back.
        to avoid any inconvenience to  right,” the Punjab Chief Minis-               Congress      leader    Rahul        He said in a tweet that no
        others,” said Delhi Police Pub- ter tweeted.                             Gandhi  on  Friday  termed  the  government can stop farmers
        lic relations officer (PRO) Eish        The  Punjab  Chief Minister  three farm laws brought by  battling for truth. “Prime Min-
        Singhal.                             also said that farmers did not  Centre as “black laws” and said  ister should remember that
            Appreciating the decision to  inflict even an “iota of damage”  Modi government will have to  whenever ego clashes with the
        allow the farmers in Delhi, Am-                                                                               truth, the ego always gets de-
        arinder Singh said:” Though                                                                                   feated. No government in the
        the central government has al-                                                                                world can stop farmers battling
        lowed the farmers to enter the                                                                                for truth. The Modi govern-
        national capital to exercise their                                                                            ment will have to accept the de-
        democratic right to protest, the                                                                              mands of the farmers and take
        Haryana government is engaged                                                                                 back black laws. This is just the
        in a confrontationist approach                                                                                beginning,” he said.
        against the farmers moving to-                                                                                    The three  farm  laws  are  -
        wards Delhi.”                                                                                                 The Farmers Produce Trade
            In a tweet, Singh, however,                                                                               and Commerce (Promotion
        expressed shock at the methods                                                                                and Facilitation)  Act,  2020,
        used by the Khattar government                                                                                The Farmers (Empowerment
        in their bid to stop the farmers.                                                                             and Protection) Agreement
            “Impressed by remarkable                                                                                  on Price Assurance and Farm
        restraint shown by farmers in                                                                                 Service Act, 2020 and The Es-
        face of @mlkhattar govern-                                                                                    sential Commodities (Amend-
        ment’s  and  Haryana  police’s        A man is seen pelting stones on police personnel during protest against   ment) Act, 2020.
        brutality. Their exemplary be-           farm laws, at singhu Border in New Delhi on Friday. Farmers being        The government has sought
        haviour shows that farmers are                     stopped at singhu Border to enter Delhi. (ANi)             to allay apprehensions of farm-
        not interested in confrontation,                                                                              ers on the minimum support

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