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NATION                                                                NOVEMBER 27, 2020  |        The Indian Eye                          10

        price and said farm laws provide
        them freedom to sell their pro-
            Congress leader and for-
        mer Chief Minister Bhupinder
        Singh Hooda on Friday con-
        demned the use of force against
        the farmers by Haryana police
        and said that tear gas and water
        cannon “aggravated the misery
        of farmers” who are already in
        tears against the three recent-
        ly-enacted farm laws. “Farmers
        were marching peacefully. They
        are  already  in  tears  and  tear
        gas  was  fired  on  them.  Water
        cannons  are dangerous  in  this
        weather,  yet  they  were  used.
        There is only one solution and
        that is to talk with the farmers
        and sort out their issues. Their
        demands are valid and we are  Police use water cannons to disperse farmers during 'Delhi chalo' protest against farm laws, at singhu Border in
        also supporting them,” Hooda                        New Delhi on Friday. Farmers being stopped at singhu Border to enter Delhi. (ANi)
        told ANI here.
            Hooda also requested peo-                                                                                 three demands that the pur-
        ple of Haryana help the farmers                                                                               chase  should  be  linked  to  the
        coming towards Delhi by pro-                                                                                  MSP, there should be registra-
        viding them food, shelter, and                                                                                tion of traders and bank guar-
        any kind of medical help.                                                                                     antee by them.
            “I would request the people                                                                                   The BKS leader said that the
        of Haryana that marching farm-                                                                                ongoing protests seemed to be
        ers should not face any shortage                                                                              fuelled by political motives.
        of food. If they require medical                                                                                  “That is the reason we have
        help, people should provide it                                                                                not joined the protest yet and
        along with shelter,” he added.                                                                                have adopted a wait and watch
            Hooda also urged the state                                                                                policy,” he said.
        and central governments to                                                                                        Welcoming the protesting
        listen to the grievances of the                                                                               farmers, who were allowed to
        farmers and find a solution.                                                                                  enter Delhi through the Tikri
            He said despite Haryana                                                                                   border to hold demonstrations
        government’s “efforts to sup-                                                                                 on Nirankari Samagam Ground
        press the farmers,” they now           Farmers cooking food during 'Delhi chalo' protest against farm laws, at   in the Burari area against the
        have a place in Burari area for                     singhu Border in New Delhi on Friday. (ANi)               new farm laws, the Aam Adami
        demonstrations.                                                                                               Party on Friday said that it will
            The Rashtriya Swayamsevak        BKS  was  awaiting  outcome  of  representative  to  finalise  the  make all the necessary arrange-
        Sangh-  affiliate  Bharatiya  Ki-    the meeting called by the cen- strategy on farm laws if the gov- ments for them.
        san Sangh (BKS) has urged the        tral government on December 3  ernment does not accept their                 “The Aam Aadmi Party wel-
        Centre to resolve issues being       with farmer representatives and  demands including on mini- comes the farmers to Delhi. We
        raised by farmers regarding the      will then take a decision on ag- mum support price (MSP).                will take full care of the farmers
        three agriculture laws through       itation.                                A BKS leader said the gov- and make all the necessary ar-
        dialogue and also urged the             “We are awaiting talks with  ernment should aim to resolve  rangements for them. We stand
        farmers to not become victim of      the government scheduled for  the situation soon.                        with the farmers in this battle.
        ploys by political parties. BKS      December 3, for taking any de-          “The Centre should aim to  Jai Kisan,” the party tweeted
        leaders warned NDA govern-           cision on this. On December 3  resolve the issues being faced by  from its official handle. Prior to
        ment that if the issues are not      the government has called all  farmers. The misgivings of the  that, the party also disclosed the
        addressed  at  the earliest,  the    agitating farmers unions for  farmers need to be addressed.  capital territory government’s
        agitation could be hijacked by       talks. Pending the outcome of  Unless this is done effectively,  decision to reject Delhi Police’s
        opposition parties. The leaders      this meeting, the BKS will take  we think that there is a danger  application seeking permission
        said they are against any use of     a decision on the issue,” he said. that the protests might be taken  to convert stadiums into tempo-
        force or violence by police.            Senior functionaries of BKS  over by political parties for their  rary jails for the protesting farm-
            BKS organizing secretary         said that the organisation is  ulterior motives,” he said.               ers and asked the central govern-
        Dinesh Kulkarni told ANI that        planning a national meet of its         He said BKS had put forth  ment to accept their demands.

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