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BIG STORY                                                             NOVEMBER 20, 2020  |        The Indian Eye                          6

        skilled immigration...has led to        Meanwhile, in an analysis  ma of the President Donald  edge of Pakistan as also his
        so much growth and technolog- for ANI, Tilak Devasher ar- Trump’s years but how to en- experience as chairman of the
        ical superiority and competi- gued that the main focus of  sure that Indo-US relations do  Senate Foreign Relations Com-
        tiveness for the US,” said Tech- Pakistan as US President-elect  not  continue  to  deepen.  “For  mittee and of Barack Obama’s
        Net CEO Linda Moore.                 Joe Biden gears up to take  this, Pakistan will try and build  White House.
            However, before Biden as- over in January 2021 does not  on Biden’s regular visits to Pa-                     Biden, after all, was the
        sumes  the  presidential  office,  appear to be a comprehensive  kistan since the 1990s, his old  original architect of the Ker-
        Silicon Valley is worried that  reset of relations after the trau- connections with and knowl- ry-Lugar bill and the policy of
        Trump could clamp down ever                                                                                   engagement with the civil gov-
        harder on worker visas in the                                                                                 ernment to support a sustain-
        final days of his administration,                                                                             able long-term relationship
        according to The Hill.                                                                                        with Pakistan,” he wrote.
            White House chief of staff                                                                                    “The Biden presidency is
        Mark Meadows reportedly said                                                                                  also likely to see the return of
        on a recent call that the presi-                                                                              the traditional and mainstream
        dent is seeking to finalize a rule                                                                            foreign policy establishment
        to make the standards stricter                                                                                with area specialists providing
        around H-1B visas, separate                                                                                   crucial policy inputs, something
        from rules  announced last                                                                                    absent under President Trump.
        month.                                                                                                        They will be aware of Pakistan’s
            The US Chamber of Com-                                                                                    past duplicity of supporting the
        merce, which has also been                                                                                    Taliban while pretending to be
        active in the lawsuits against                                                                                a US ally against terrorism.
        Trump’s visa orders, had re-                                                                                      This will not bode well for
        cently  noted  that the Biden               modi, who is seen as close to trump, is now looking forward       Pakistan,” wrote Devasher,
        team has indicated they would                                 to working with Biden                           who is a Member of the Na-
        reverse some of those policies.                                                                               tional Security Advisory Board.

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