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BIG STORY                                                             NOVEMBER 20, 2020  |        The Indian Eye                          5

        ...Continued from last page. >>                                                                               those interactions,” Sandhu

        stead of staying safe at home in                                                                                  Meanwhile, Biden-Harris
        prayer with their families. And,                                                                              Presidential Transition team
                                                                                                                      said that Joe Biden looks for-
        we know the sadness of being                                                                                  ward to working closely with
        apart on a day that truly signi-                                                                              Indian  Prime  Minister  Naren-
        fies the blessing of family and
        friendship.”                                                                                                  dra Modi on “shared global
                                                                                                                      challenges”, including contain-
                                                                                                                      ing COVID-19 and maintain-
        “But  diwali  is  ultimate-                                                                                   ing a secure and prosperous

        ly a reminder of the light                                                                                    Indo-Pacific region.
                                                                                                                          Also, tech advocates in
        that’s within us all to hope                                                                                  Washington are reportedly ea-

        and dream, and to over-                                                                                       ger to work with the incoming
                                                                                                                      Biden administration and re-
        come our differences and                                                                                      verse several of US President

        keep the faith in each oth-                                                                                   Donald Trump’s immigration
                                                                                                                      policies, especially those that
        er. that’s the light we see            Joe Biden has been involved with india-related policies during his eight   had created barriers for high

        shining on this day and                              years as Barack obama's Vice-President                   skilled visa holders.
                                                                                                                          Some of the biggest names
        that will guide us through                                                                                    in Silicon Valley have clashed

        the darkness with knowl-             versation, Prime Minister Modi  and president-elect Joe Biden  with the Trump administration
                                             warmly recalled his earlier in- had a very warm conversation.  in court, suing over his execu-
        edge, science, truth, uni- teractions  with  Biden,  includ- The PM congratulated him  tive orders restricting immigra-

        ty, and compassion,” they            ing  during  his  official  visits  to  and the president-elect extend- tion  for  foreign  workers,  and
                                             the United States in 2014 and  ed warm Diwali greeting to the  are now prioritizing the remov-
        further said.                        in 2016. Biden had chaired the  PM and people of India. They  al of the President’s actions in

                                             Joint Session of the U.S. Con- exchanged views on global stra- 2021, reported The Hill. The
            “And that’s why as Diwali is  gress that was addressed by the  tegic partnership and Indo-Pa- Trump administration had an-
        celebrated via video calls and  Prime Minister during his 2016  cific  area  and  discussed  the  nounced new immigration rules
        while socially distanced this  visit.                                    problems that both US, India  last month designed to make it
        year, we look forward to cel-           US     President-elect     Joe and the world are facing vis-a- more difficult for skilled work-
        ebrating Diwali at the White         Biden looks forward to work- vis COVID,” the envoy said.                 ers to acquire visas. The rules
        House next year -- in person,  ing closely with Indian Prime                 “They discussed the role of  tighten requirements for em-
        together with you, and in a na- Minister Narendra Modi on  healthcare,                    pharmaceuticals ployers who hire workers on
        tion healed and united,” they  “shared global challenges”, in-           and particularly vaccines. They  H-1B visas, which are set aside
        added.                               cluding containing COVID-19  also discussed climate change  for skilled workers, particularly
            During the telephonic con- and maintaining a secure and  and  environment  and  in  that  in the technology field.
        versation, Modi warmly con- prosperous  Indo-Pacific  re- the role of renewables and so-
        gratulated        President-elect gion, Biden-Harris Presidential  lar energy,” he added.                     technet, a group of indus-
        Biden on his election, de- Transition team said on Tues-                     Prime Minister Modi warm-
        scribing “it as a testament to  day.                                     ly recalled his earlier inter- try executives from com-
        the strength and resilience of          The president-elect thanked  actions with Biden, including            panies like Apple, Ama-
        democratic traditions in the  the prime minister for his con- during his official visits to the
        United States”, according to a  gratulations and expressed his  United States in 2014 and in  zon, Google and more, had
        statement by Prime Minister’s  desire to strengthen and ex- 2016. Biden had chaired the                       filed lawsuits challenging
        office. “The leaders agreed to  pand the U.S.-India strategic  Joint Session of the U.S. Con-
        work closely to further advance  partnership  alongside  the  first  gress that was addressed by the  the new rules.  if unsuc-
        the India-U.S. Comprehensive  vice president  of South Asian  Prime Minister during his 2016                  cessful, they hope that
        Global Strategic Partnership,  descent  Kamala  Harris,  ac- visit
        built on shared values and  cording to a statement by his                    “In 2014, when PM Modi  the rules are rescinded by
        common interests. The lead- transition team.                             came  for  his  first  official  visit   President-elect Joe Biden.
        ers also discussed their prior-         Modi and Biden had a “very  to the US, it was the then VP
        ities, including containing the  warm conversation” during  Biden  who  hosted  an  official                      “They’ve indicated they are
        Covid-19 pandemic, promoting  which they exchanged views on  lunch for him. Again in 2016                     going to be very different than
        access  to  affordable  vaccines,  the Indo-Pacific region and the  during PM Modi’s address to
        tackling climate change, and  role of healthcare, pharmaceu- the US Congress, it was VP                       the Trump administration on
        cooperation in the Indo-Pacific  ticals and particularly vaccines,  Biden who presided over the               high-skilled immigration, im-
        Region,” the statement read.         said Ambassador Taranjit Singh  joint session of US Congress.            migration  in  general....High-
            During the telephonic con- Sandhu on Tuesday. “PM Modi  So, they very warmly recall                           Continued at next page... >>

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