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NATION                                                                    MAY 27, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     8

              Rahul Gandhi evokes Jaishankar’s ire after

          remarks on Indian diplomats being “arrogant”

                Amit Shah on Sunday said the Wayanad MP must take off his Italian glasses and look at the development work
                                                     done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

                                                                                                              ideological battle that is taking place
        OUR BUREAU
                                                                                                              is between the national vision of the
        London/New Delhi                                                                                      RSS and the national vision of Con-
                                                                                                              gress,” he said.
               itting out at Congress lead-                                                                       Later, Rahul Gandhi on Friday
               er Rahul Gandhi over his
        Hremarks concerning “com-                                                                             said that democracy in India is a
                                                                                                              global public good and the people of
        plete change” in the Indian Foreign                                                                   the country have managed democra-
        Service (IFS), External Minster S                                                                     cy at an unparalleled scale.
        Jaishankar has said that the change                                                                       Rahul Gandhi made the remarks
        is not called “arrogance” but “confi-                                                                 at the ‘Ideas for India’ conference in
        dence and defending national inter-                                                                   London. “Democracy in India is a
        est”. The remarks came after Rahul                                                                    global public good. We’re the only
        Gandhi said at an event in London                                                                     people who have managed democra-
        that he had been told by bureaucrats                                                                  cy at our unparalleled scale. Had an
        in Europe that IFS has changed and                                                                    enriching exchange on a wide range
        the officers are “arrogant”. Jaishan-                                                                 of topics at the #IdeasForIndia con-
        kar said in a tweet that the IFS offi-                                                                ference in London,” Gandhi said in
        cers follow the orders of the govern-                                                                 a tweet.
        ment and protect national interest                                                                        The Congress leader will be
        while countering arguments of oth-  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi having a conversation at the ‘Ideas for India’ conclave, in   speaking at Cambridge University
        ers.                                              London on Friday. (ANI Photo/ANI Pics Service)      on May 23 on ‘India at 75’.
            “Yes, the Indian Foreign Service
                                                                                                                  This  is  the  first  such  overseas
        has changed. Yes, they follow the or-                                                                 event for the Congress leader after
        ders of the Government. Yes, they                                                                     the return of normalcy in interna-
        counter the arguments of others. No,                                                                  tional travel which had been disrupt-
        it’s not called Arrogance. It is called                                                               ed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
        Confidence. And it is called defending
        National Interest,” Jaishankar said.
            He also attached a clip of Rahul                                                                  Meanwhile, taking a potshot
        Gandhi’s remarks. In his remarks at                                                                   at Congress leader Rahul
        the ‘Ideas for India’ conference in
        London, Gandhi said he had been                                                                       Gandhi, who is currently in
        told that IFS officers do not listen to                                                               the UK, Union Home Minister
        anything, they were just getting or-
        ders from the government and there                                                                    Amit Shah on Sunday said the
        is no conversation.                                                                                   Wayanad  MP must take  off
            “I was talking to some bureau-
        crats from Europe and they were                                                                       his Italian glasses and look at
        saying that the Indian Foreign Ser-                                                                   the development work done by
        vice has completely changed and
        they don’t listen to anything -- they                                                                 Prime Minister Narendra Modi
        are arrogant. Now they just telling us                                                                and Chief Minister Pema Khan-
        what orders they are getting, there is          Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar  (ANI Photo)
        no conversation; you can’t do that,”                                                                  du in Arunachal Pradesh.
        Rahul Gandhi said.                a tweet.                          conversation because the current In-
            Party general secretary Randeep   In his remarks at London event,   dian government  is controlling the   Shah inaugurated and laid the
        Singh Surjewala retorted to Jaishan-  Rahul Gandhi also accused the Cen-  media through this concentration of   foundation stone of various develop-
        kar’s remarks on Gandhi’s tweet and   tre of promoting “massive concen-  capital,” he said.           ment projects worth Rs 1,000 crores
        said there had been foreign policy   tration of power and capital”.     Rahul Gandhi said Congress be-  in the Namsai district. Speaking on
        bloopers. “Yes, it is also called being   “I think  it’s  very  dangerous for   lieves that every single Indian should   the occasion, the Union Home Min-
        subservient to the political masters in   one company to control all airports,   be given the same opportunities.”  ister Shah said, “Congress leaders
        face of foreign policy bloopers. Yes,   all ports, all the infrastructure. It   “The task for the Opposition   ask what happened in eight years,
        it is called not being able to stand up   (private  sector monopoly)  has nev-  is really to give a new vision to the   these people are awake with their
        to China in face of illegal occupation   er existed in this form. It has never   people of India, an economic vision.   eyes closed. Rahul baba must take
        of our territory. Yes, it is called fur-  existed with such a massive concen-  Congress has the ideology at the na-  off his Italian glasses and look at the
        thering the agenda of a party rather   tration of power and capital. This is   tional level. Congress is a structure   development work done by PM Modi
        than the Nation,” Surjewala said in   another aspect that is throttling the   that is enabling the Opposition. The   and Chief Minister Pema Khandu.”

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