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NATION                                                                     MARCH 26, 2021  |      The Indian Eye                          11

                                             vite 50 entrepreneurs of Bangla- youths of Bangladesh.
        >> Continued from previous page...                                                                            modi during his address
                                             desh to visit India and join our        The Swarna Jayanti Fellow-
            Sheikh Hasina said India  start-up and innovation ecosys- ship  is a  research  fellowship                also called it a “happy
        sheltered about 10 million peo- tem and meet our venture cap- awarded annually by the De-
        ple who fled from Bangladesh  italists. We will also be able to  partment of Science and Tech- coincidence” that the 50
        in the face of persecution by  learn something from them and  nology of India.
        Pakistani soldiers, in the face of  they will also get an opportuni-         It is given for the notable      years of independence of
        killing, genocide and rape.          ty to learn something from us,”  and outstanding research by             bangladesh and 75 years
            She recalled sacrifice by In- the Prime Minister said during  young scientists, applied or fun-
        dian soldiers for the liberation  an event celebrating 50 years of  damental, in biology, chemistry,  of independence of India
        of Bangladesh. “By the joint  Bangladesh’s liberation.                   environmental science, engi-
        operation of India-Bangladesh           Modi also announced the  neering, mathematics, medicine               have come together.
        allied  forces,  the  final  victory  Swarna Jayanti scholarship for  and physics
        was achieved on 16th Dec 1971.                                                                                    “For both of us, the journey
            A notable number of Indi-                                                                                 of the next 25 years in the 21st
        an soldiers sacrificed their lives                                                                            century is very important. Our
        along  with  our  freedom  fight-                                                                             heritage and development is
        ers and attained martyrdom. I                                                                                 shared,” he stated.
        remember  their  sacrifice  with                                                                                  “I would like to remind
        great honor,” she said.                                                                                       brothers and sisters in Bangla-
            Modi on Friday extended an                                                                                desh with pride, being involved
        invitation to 50 entrepreneurs                                                                                in the struggle for indepen-
        from Bangladesh to visit India                                                                                dence of Bangladesh was one
        to join the country’s start-up                                                                                of first movements of my life. I
        and innovation ecosystem and                                                                                  must have been 20 to 22 years
        meet India’s venture capitalists.                                                                             old when I and my colleagues
        “On completion of 50 years of        Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting the Political Leaders from 14 Party   did Satyagraha for Bangla-
        relationship between India and                       Alliance, in Dhaka on Friday. (ANI Photo)                desh’s freedom,” the Prime
        Bangladesh, I would like to in-                                                                               Minister said.

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