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NATION                                                                DECEMBER 11, 2020  |        The Indian Eye                          8

                             new Parliament building:

         a big change for setting of politics

                                          in heart of Capital

                New building would become a witness to the creation of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India)
                                       and fulfil the aspirations of 21st century India, says PM Modi

        Our Bureau
        New Delhi

               rime Minister Narendra
               Modi on Thursday said
        Pthat the new Parliament
        building would become a wit-
        ness to the creation of ‘Atmanir-
        bhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India)
        and fulfil the aspirations of 21st
        century India.
            Speaking at the founda-
        tion-laying ceremony of new
        Parliament building, the Prime
        Minister said that inauguration
        of the construction work of the
        new Parliament House of India
        is one of the most important
        stages of our democratic tra-
        dition.  “If  the  old  Parliament
        House gave direction to post-in-
        dependence India, the new
        building would become a wit-
        ness to the creation of ‘Atmanir-
        bhar Bharat’. If work is done to       Prime minister Narendra modi performing Bhoomi Pujan at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the New
        fulfil the needs of the country in                           Parliament Building, at sansad marg in New Delhi on thursday.
        the old Parliament House, then
        the aspirations of 21st century         PM Modi said that the new  cy of India is a system developed  building will showcase a rich
        India will be fulfilled in the new   Parliament building will increase  with the experience of centuries.  blend of Indian culture and
        building,” he said.                  the  efficiency  of  Members  of  “Democracy is a culture in India.  diversity of our regional arts,
            “Today is a historic day. To-    Parliament. “Many new things  Democracy is a life value, a way  crafts, textiles and architecture,
        day is a milestone in India’s dem-   are being done in the new Par- of life and the soul of the life of  it  said.  As  per  the  PMO,  the
        ocratic history. Inauguration of     liament House, which  will in- the nation for India. Democracy  design plan includes space for
        the construction of Parliament       crease the efficiency of the MPs.  of India is a system developed  a  magnificent  Central  Consti-
        House of India is one of the most    Modern methods will come in its  with the experience of centu- tutional Gallery, which will be
        important stages of our demo-        work culture,” he said.             ries,” he said.                      accessible to the public.
        cratic tradition. We, the people        “This is a day of pride for over     Union Minister Hardeep
        of India, will together build this   130 crore Indians when we are  Singh Puri, who was present at                The old versus the new
        new building of our Parliament.      witnessing this historic moment.  foundation stone laying cere-              The proposed four-storeyed
        And what will be beautiful from      The new Parliament building is  mony of new Parliament build- new Parliament building would
        this, what will be pure from this    an example of the co-existence  ing said that the Prime Minister  sprawl in an area of 64,500
        when India celebrates 75 years       of the new and the old. This is  laid the foundation of a modern,  square metres. Being construct-
        of its independence, So, the in-     an effort to make changes within  strong, prosperous and self-reli- ed at an estimated cost of Rs
        spiration of that festival should    oneself, in accordance with the  ant India with the inclusion of our  971 crores it will have a seating
        be the new building of our Par-      time and needs,” he said.           proud history in the last six years. capacity for 888 Members in the
        liament,” he said.                      PM Modi said that democra-           The interiors of the new            Continued on next page... >>

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