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NATION                                                                   JUNE 24, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     6

          National Herald case: Congress hits streets as

                      ED grills Rahul for money laundering

             Apart from Delhi, the Congress holds protests in several parts of the country including
                          Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan

        OUR BUREAU                                                                                            gress protest was against the High
                                                                                                              Court’s order. “High Court had ear-
        New Delhi/Mumbai
                                                                                                              lier ordered those protests will not be
              ongress leader Rahul Gand-                                                                      held anywhere except Freedom Park.
              hi  has  been  asked  to  rejoin                                                                We conveyed it to them. They gave
        Cthe  probe  by  the  Directorate                                                                     us in writing about protest but we re-
        of Enforcement (ED) in connection                                                                     jected it. We conveyed it to them in
        with the National Herald case after                                                                   the morning too. If they proceed, we
        the Congress leader left the ED office                                                                will take them into preventive custo-
        on Wednesday. The former Congress                                                                     dy,”  said  Bheemashankar  S  Guled,
        chief appeared before the ED for the                                                                  Deputy  Commissioner  of  Police,
        third consecutive day on Wednesday                                                                    Bengaluru East.
        for questioning.                                                                                          Congress workers also held a
            Regarding his questioning by ED                                                                   protest in Chandigarh against the
        on  Monday,  as  per  official  sources,                                                              questioning of Rahul Gandhi by ED.
        the Congress leader, was confront-                                                                    Several workers of the party were
        ed with several documents  collated                                                                   detained by police. “I cannot under-
        by the ED as evidence recovered so                                                                    stand what has Rahul Gandhi done
        far in the case to get his version. Ra-                                                               that he has been called for 3 days?
        hul Gandhi was questioned in detail                                                                   Yesterday, Delhi Police barged into
        about the ownership of Young Indian   Congress supporters wear masks of party leader Rahul Gandhi during a protest rally ‘Raj   AICC  office  and  beat  up  our  MPs.
        Private Limited (YIL) by the Gandhi             Bhavan Chalo’ in Bengaluru on Thursday. (ANI Photo)   Such vendetta politics has never been
        family and its shareholding pattern in                                                                seen before. Government should not
        Associated Journals Limited (AJL),                                                                    try to suppress voices,” Punjab Con-
        the company that runs the National                                                                    gress chief Amarinder Singh Warring.
        Herald newspaper, said sources.                                                                           “We will continue protesting. We
            Investigators in the ED, sources                                                                  were going to Raj Bhavan. Congress
        said, have also asked Rahul Gandhi                                                                    party stands with Sonia and Rahul
        to describe the circumstances under                                                                   Gandhi.  We  will  not  step  back.  We
        which AJL was acquired by YIL in                                                                      will not be scared,” said a Congress
        2010, making it the owner of all as-                                                                  worker.
        sets  owned  by  the  National  Herald                                                                    In an attempt to resist detention
        newspaper. The National Herald,                                                                       during  the  Congress  party’s  protest
        started by India’s first Prime Minis-                                                                 over the Enforcement Directorate
        ter Jawaharlal Nehru, was published                                                                   (ED) summons to Rahul Gandhi,
        by the AJL. In 2010, the AJL, which                                                                   party leader and former union minis-
        faced financial difficulties, was taken                                                               ter Renuka Chowdhury on Thursday
        over by a newly-floated YIL with Su-                                                                  held a policeman by his collar while
        man Dubey and Sam Pitroda as di-                                                                      being taken away by other police per-
        rectors.                                                                                              sonnel here in Hyderabad.
            In a complaint in the Delhi High    Congress supporters stage a demonstration in Jaipur on Friday. (ANI Photo)  Telangana Congress held a mas-
        Court, Bharatiya Janata Party leader                                                                  sive protest here over the ED investi-
        Subramanian Swamy accused Sonia   tests in several parts of the country   workers  of  the  party  were  detained   gating Rahul Gandhi in the National
        Gandhi and her son, Rahul Gandhi,   including Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab,   by police during their protest in Ben-  Herald case. Several Congress work-
        and others of conspiring to cheat and                                                                 ers and leaders were detained by the
        misappropriate funds.             Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Rajas-  galuru.                          police. Chowdhury was seen engag-
            Officials familiar with the probe   than over the Enforcement Director-  “The protest is our right. We will   ing in a heated argument with the po-
        said  Rahul  Gandhi  is  being  asked   ate investigating former party presi-  fight for justice. They (ED) are not   liceman as she held his collar. Wom-
        questions about the takeover of the   dent Rahul Gandhi in the National   taking cases of any BJP leaders. They   en police personnel then dragged the
        AJL by YIL since the Gandhis have   Herald case.                    are harassing only Congress people,”   former union minister towards the
        stakes in the latter. The Congress    Congress  workers  held  a  pro-  Karnataka Congress chief DK Shiva-  police van.
        leader  is  being  questioned  under   test march in Bengaluru on Thurs-  kumar.  Bengaluru  witnessed  traffic   Congress had given a “Chalo Raj
        criminal  sections  of  the  Prevention   day  over  the  questioning  of  Rahul   snarls ahead of another Congress   Bhavan” call and at Telangana’s Raj
        of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).   Gandhi by ED. Karnataka Congress   protest  march.  An  ambulance  was   Bhavan police detained several par-
            Meanwhile, apart  from  Delhi,   chief  DK  Shivakumar,  CLP  leader   also seen stuck in the traffic.  ty workers who attempted to stage a
        the Congress on Thursday held pro-  Siddaramaiah and other leaders and   Bengaluru Police said the Con-  protest there.

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