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BIG STORY                                                                JUNE 10, 2022  |    The Indian Eye                     5

        Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, NSA   People belonging to the Hindu community employed in Kashmir protest over the death
        Ajit Doval and Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla and others during a high-level meet-  of school teacher Rajni Bala and demand security for members of their community, in
         ing over J&K security issues, at North Block in New Delhi on Friday. (ANI Photo/Rahul Singh)  Jammu on Friday. (ANI Photo)

        teacher was killed in Jammu and   community as rumoured by this tweet.   ants to create an atmosphere of   on Thursday held the Central govern-
        Kashmir’s Kulgam, Congress leader   Please do not spread rumours like   mistrust”. Talking to reporters, the   ment responsible for the targeted kill-
        Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday took a   this,” Srinagar Airport said in a tweet.  Grand Mufti spoke about the return   ings in Jammu and Kashmir and said
        jibe at the Centre saying 15 security   Meanwhile, expressing his pain at   of  Kashmiri Pandits  to  the  Valley.  that the BJP government has still not
        personnel and 18 civilians were killed   the killings in Valley, Kashmir’s Grand   “They  (Kashmiri  Pandits)  learnt any lessons from history and
        in the last 5 months and Kashmiri Pan-  Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam has said they had   shouldn’t go, they should stay here.   are repeating the same mistakes.
        dits have been protesting for the past   been seeking the return of Kashmiri   We’ve been making lamentable cry   His remark came in the wake
        18 days but the BJP is ‘busy’ celebrat-  Pandits for three decades and Jammu   about their return for last 30 years. Now   of the recent targeted killings in the
        ing 8 years of the Modi government.  and Kashmir’s main minority commu-  they’ve returned and they should stay   Valley. Speaking to media persons,
            Further attacking the Bharatiya   nity “should not go and stay with us   with us with peace and dignity,” he said.  Owaisi stated, “The whole responsi-
        Janata Party (BJ), the Congress MP   with peace and dignity”.           There have been targeted killings   bility lies with the Modi government.
        said those who should be protecting   The Grand Mufti spoke strong-  in Kashmir by terrorists and Kashmiri   The BJP government is not taking les-
        the Kashmiri Pandits are busy pro-  ly against violence as a means of   Pandits have been among the victims.   sons from history, the mistake that we
        moting a film.                    solving any issue, noting that ev-    In a related development, All   did in the year 1989 is the same mis-
            “Bank managers, teachers and   ery killing is a heinous crime and   India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen   take Narendra Modi’s government
        many innocent people are getting   people should not allow “miscre-  (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi   is doing. In 1989 a political outlet
        killed every day, Kashmiri Pandits are                                                                was closed and the politicians of the
        fleeing.  Those  who  have  to  protect                                                               valley  (Kashmir)  were  not  allowed
        them, they have no time to promote                                                                    to speak. They are making the same
        the film. BJP has only made Kashmir                                                                   mistakes. 1987 elections were rigged
        its ladder of power. Take immediate                                                                   and its results were seen in 1989.”
        steps to restore peace in Kashmir,                                                                        AIMIM chief further alleged that
        Prime Minister,” he said in a tweet.                                                                  the Modi government is seeing Kash-
            The Congress leader’s statement                                                                   miri Pandits as electoral issues and not
        came after a Hindu school teacher                                                                     as humans.
        Rajni Bala was fired at by terrorists in                                                                  “The new delimitation that the
        the Kulgam district of the Kashmir re-                                                                Modi government has brought is
        gion on Tuesday.                                                                                      called geometry. Secondly political
            Now, the Srinagar Airport au-                                                                     liver should be with the valley-based
        thorities  on  Thursday  denied  Rahul                                                                politicians and you have taken away
        Gandhi’s claim of the exodus of the                                                                   that from them. Thirdly you are mak-
        Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley.                                                                     ing  films  and  promoting  Kashmiri
        The authority’s clarification came af-                                                                Pandits. In the place where Kashmiri
        ter Rahul Gandhi in a tweet claimed                                                                   Pandits are living, you had to close
        that many innocent people are being                                                                   them and stop them from running
        killed in Jammu and Kashmir and a                                                                     away. They see Kashmiri Pandits as
        fresh exodus of Kashmiri Pandits has                                                                  electoral issues and not as humans.
        started in the Valley. The airport au-                                                                They don’t allow the local politicians
        thorities also urged not to spread such                                                               to speak. Such things are giving way to
        rumours.                                                                                              terrorism. Its onus lies on the BJP gov-
            “We strongly rebut this sensa-                                                                    ernment, I condemn it,” Owaisi said.
        tional rumour-mongering. We handle                                                                        In  the  middle of these  political
        between 16 thousand to 18 thousand                                                                    allegations and counter-allegations, it
        passengers every day. Today also the   People from the Kashmiri Pandit community with their belongings as they prepare to leave   is the Kashmiri Pandits and workers
        number of passengers is average.    the valley, amid a surge in the targeted killings, in Srinagar on Thursday. (ANI Photo)  from outside Jammu & Kashmir who
        There is no heavy rush of the minority                                                                are facing the terror of militants.

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