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VOLUME III | Issue 11                                                                               FRIDAY | JUNE 10 | 2022 • US 50C


        India back in Kabul? MEA
        delegation holds talks with Taliban              BIG
        over humanitarian aid  uu 8

                  SPECIAL FEATURE                         STORY

                                                              uu 4

                                                                      JAMMU & KASHMIR

                                                              TARGETED TERROR

        TOWARDS BETTER LIVING :                      Unknown gunmen have been selectively killing Kashmiri Pandits and
        Wisdom from the life and talks of            professionals from outside the state. Amid rumors of mass exodus, the
        HH Pramukh Swami Maharaj   uu 15             Center takes steps to check the latest round of terror

           NA                                                                 BUSINESS
            uu 16                                                               uu 36

                              HARNAAZ SANDHU                                             US or China: Who is India’s
               Get Inspired as Miss Universe 2021 takes

                           Inspiring Women Tour                                            biggest trading partner?
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