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BIG STORY                                                                  MARCH 12, 2021  |      The Indian Eye                          5

        >> Continued from previous page...                                                                            Congress (TMC) for two years.

        ducted veteran actor turned                                                                                   He resigned from the position
        politician Mithun Chakraborty                                                                                 in 2016 citing health reasons
        into the party. With this,                                                                                    after his name surfaced in the
        Chakraborty joined  the  long                                                                                 Saradha ponzi scam.
        list of former TMC members                                                                                        As the poll fever intensified
        to join BJP including Suvendu                                                                                 ahead of the West Bengal As-
        Adhikari, Rajib Banerjee and                                                                                  sembly elections and Trinamool
        more, in the run-up to Assem-                                                                                 Congress leaders joining the
        bly elections.                                                                                                ranks of the Bharatiya Jana-
            West Bengal is likely to wit-                                                                             ta Party, Mamata Banerjee on
        ness a triangular contest this                                                                                Monday targetted the Central
        time with TMC, Congress-Left                                                                                  leadership and said that “Prime
        alliance and the BJP in the fray.                                                                             Minister  Narendra  Modi  will
            The Assembly elections in                                                                                 soon rename the country after
        the  state  will  be  held  in  eight   West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee takes part in a rally in Kolkata. (ANI)  his name.”
        phases starting from March 27                                                                                     “He got his picture on the
        with  the  final  round  of  voting   here to see the situation. Be- itician Mithun Chakraborty on            vaccine  (certificates).  It  is  not
        taking place on  April 29. The       sides this, the state government  Sunday compared himself to             a COVID vaccine, it is a Modi
        counting of votes will take place    wanted to buy Coronavirus vac- the dangerous ‘Cobra’ snake               vaccine. He has colleges in his
        on May 2.                                                                                                     name. stadiums in his name.
                                             cines, but here also he posted  and  said  he  will  finish  the  op-    And, now vaccine in his name.
                                             his photo to do politics.”          position in one bite. While
        after winning 3 seats in                “Modi  always  asks  ques- sharing the dais with the Prime            It  is  just  a  matter  of  time,  he
                                                                                                                      will soon rename India after his
        the 2016  assembly elec-             tions  about  women’s  security  Minister in Kolkata on Sunday,          name,” Banerjee said while ad-
                                             in Bengal, but never asks about  Chakraborty took a dig at Trina-
        tion in West  bengal, the  Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and oth- mool Congress (TMC) and said,                        dressing the people of the state
                                                                                                                      after completing her padyatra.
        bJP made deep inroads                er BJP ruled states. Gang rape  ‘Ami ekta cobra, ek chobol-ei            She further alleged that the top
                                             and other related incidents are  chobi” (I am a pure cobra, My           leadership of the Bharatiya Ja-
        in the state in the 2019  happening every day in those  one bite is enough to kill peo-                       nata Party (BJP) give false state-
        lok  sabha elections win-            states.  Women  are  safe  in  her  ple). He also recited a famous       ments during poll campaigns in
                                             state  of  West-Bengal  whether  dialogue from his 2006 hit film,
        ning 18 seats and reduc- in the daytime or at night,” she  MLA Fatakeshto, “Maarbo                            West Bengal.
                                                                                                                          “Amit Shah and PM Nar-
        ing tmC’s tally to 22. out           claimed.                            ekhane, lash podbe shoshaney’        endra  Modi  are  two  syndicate
                                                The TMC chief also said that  (I will thrash you here, your body      ministers  who  come  to  Bengal
        of the total 42 lok sabha  the  BJP  government  has  tried  will fall into the crematorium).                 and speak canards and lies. I re-
        constituencies in West               to  sell  off  profitable  undertak-  Chakraborty said his dream         spect the chair of a Prime Min-
                                             ings such as banks, railways and
        bengal, Congress won  LIC. That is why he (Modi) is  came  true  by  sharing  a  stage                        ister but it is surprising to see a
                                                                                                                      Prime Minister speaking lies,”
        two seats, the left drew a           becoming like a child, she said.  with  Prime  Minister  Narendra        stated Banerjee.
                                             Banerjee further said that BJP  Modi. “I had never imagined
        blank.                               talks of “Syndicate Raj”. But  that  I  will  be  sharing  the  dais         “They  (BJP  leaders)  will
                                             India  knows  about  a  syndicate  where the biggest leader of the       come to Bengal only during
                                                                                                                      elections. He is lecturing us on
            In the meantime, address- that is Modi-Amit Shah’s syndi- biggest democracy our beloved
        ing a public gathering in Siliguri  cate, the biggest syndicate of In- PM Narendra Modi is about to           women’s safety. What is the sit-
        on Sunday,  Mamata Banerjee  dia. She again said that without  speak. I always had a dream to                 uation  of  women  in  BJP-ruled
        threw a challenge to Prime Min- informing them, they gave the  work  for  the  poor,  downtrod-               states? What is the situation in
                                                                                                                      Modi’s Gujarat?” she said.
        ister Modi and the BJP, saying  final word to Bangladesh about  den.  Now,  it  is  seen  as  being               The chief minister expressed
        she is ready to play (khela hobe)  the  Teesta  river  water.  Bengal  fulfilled,” he said at the Brigade     greetings on the occasion of In-
        one to one. The Trinamool  has a special relation with Ban- Parade Ground here.                               ternational Women’s Day.
        Congress supremo came to Sili- gladesh. “We never said ‘Debo                 Chakraborty joined the BJP
        guri to  join  a “padyatra” from  na’,” she said.                        at the Brigade Parage Ground in          “I wish happy International
        Mainak more to Venus more to            “The people of Bengal want  the presence of state party chief         Women’s  Day  to  every  wom-
        protest against the price hike of  to know when they will get free  Dilip Ghosh today. BJP general            an. This is the land of Matang-
                                                                                                                      ini Hazra and Mother Teresa.
        different items including cook- gas. Do not try to burn the kitch- secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya,            Women are our pride. We cel-
        ing gas cylinder. Addressing the  ens of sisters and mothers, They  party vice president Mukul Roy            ebrate this day as Naari Muk-
        gathering Mamata Banerjee  will burn you instead,” she said.  and Suvendu Adhikari were also                  ti Divas. We cannot tolerate
        said, “Bharatiya Janata Party           From the tone of campaign,  present  at  the  ground  where
        (BJP) is going to lose elections  it is apparent that this will be a  Prime Minister Narendra Modi            atrocities  on  women,”  added
        in  five  states  votes  including  high-tension election.               addressed an election rally.         Banerjee.
        West-Bengal. During the time            BJP’s  newest  member  in            Chakraborty, 70, was a Ra-           On the occasion of Interna-
        of COVID-19 he never came  West Bengal, actor turned pol- jya Sabha MP for the Trinamool                         Continued on next page... >>

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