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BIG STORY                                                             February 26, 2021  |        The Indian Eye                          6

         pOst-pandemic ecOnOmy: gOvt Out Of Business

        >> Continued from previous page...                                                                            poor track record. It sought to
            “To fast forward the disin-                                                                               pass off the sale of state-run en-
        vestment policy, I am asking                                                                                  tities, such as HPCL to ONGC,
        NITI to work out on the next                                                                                  another PSU, as strategic sale,
        list of Central Public Sector                                                                                 drawing criticism even from the
        companies that would be taken                                                                                 CAG.
        up for strategic disinvestment,”                                                                                  It is now trying to push it as
        Sitharaman had said.                                                                                          a key reform initiative and has
            The Centre will also come                                                                                 even added state-run banks and
        out with an incentive package                                                                                 a general insurance company
        to  encourage  states  to  under-                                                                             to the list, after specifying that
        take disinvestment of their pub-                                                                              only four strategic sectors —
        lic sector companies, she had                                                                                 atomic energy, space and de-
        said. “In order to ensure timely                                                                              fence, transport and telecom,
        completion of closure of sick                                                                                 power and petroleum — will
        or loss making CPSEs, we will                                                                                 have PSUs. Even in the sectors,
        introduce a revised mechanism                                                                                 state-run  firms  can  have  a  di-
        that will ensure timely closure                                                                               minished presence.
        of such units,” the finance min-                                                                              < Union Finance Minister Nirmala
        ister had announced.                                                                                          Sitharaman during a post-budget
            Since coming to power in                                                                                  interactive session organised by
        2014, the NDA government has                                                                                  the Bangalore Chamber of Indus-
        talked about the sale of PSUs,                                                                                try & Commerce, in Bengaluru on
        especially loss-making ones,                                                                                  Sunday. (ANI Photo)
        such as Air India, but it has a

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