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NATION                                                                February 19, 2021  |        The Indian Eye                          8

               Toolkit Terror: did a 21-year-old hatch a

                    global conspiracy for defaming india?

             Delhi Police claim Disha Ravi and Pieter Friedrich are part of a group behind January 26

                               violence; Chidmabaram slams Govt as Robert Vadra backs activist

               he toolkit used by teen                                                                                sha Ravi, a 22-year-old student
               climate activist Greta                                                                                 of Mount Carmel College and
        TThunberg regarding the                                                                                       a climate activist, has become a
        farmers’ protest was part of an                                                                               threat to the nation.”
        elaborate design that was under                                                                                   Delhi Police has said in
        play since 2007 and  involved                                                                                 its First Information Report
        several shady companies in the                                                                                (FIR) related to ‘Toolkit’ case
        US, fake foreign experts and                                                                                  that the document was created
        even ghost entities to target In-                                                                             with the aid of a banned or-
        dia and its interests, according                                                                              ganisation, Sikhs for Justice,
        to a fake news watchdog.                                                                                      to “disrupt the Republic Day
            “The name of one of the key                                                                               ceremony and precipitate un-
        players of our story came up in                                                                               lawful acts in the name of on-
        the toolkit dropped accidentally                                                                              going farmer protest”.
        by Greta Thunberg. The toolkit       Disha Ravi (right, in black mask) sent to five-days Delhi police special cell   It said that during social
        had mentioned a foreign expert                        custody, in New Delhi on Sunday. (ANI)                  media monitoring, it had been
        as resource point - Pieter Fried-                                                                             found that SFJ was conspiring
        rich. It was startling. Pieter was                    what is a tooLkit?                                      to disturb atmosphere on Re-
        against  India,”  DisInfo  Lab,  a  A                                                                         ers’ protest. The FIR said that
        part of a story we were already
                                                                                                                      public Day in the guise of farm-
        working on since about a month
                                                       toolkit is a set of guidelines that suggests how a particu-
                                                                                                                      SFJ had also announced cash
                                                       lar goal can be accomplished. Toolkits chart out a plan of
        in the context of an info-war
                                                       action that explains the topic at hand and offers a set of
        fake news watchdog, found.             suggestions that can be followed to achieve this particular goal.      rewards for anyone  hoisting a
                                                                                                                      seditious flag at India Gate on
            “This elaborate design and         In protest movements, toolkits have served as the digital equiv-       January 26.
        planning that is underway since        alent of pamphlets and fliers that helped mobilise protesters,             In a related development,
        2007 at least was driven by sin-       and guide them on the cause and nature of a certain campaign.          Robert Vadra, businessman and
        gular motive - to target India’s       Toolkits were used in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest, as          son-in-law of Congress presi-
        interests. This was tried to be        they were in the 2019 Hong Kong movement against a pro-                dent Sonia Gandhi, on Tuesday
        accomplished by targeting the          posed legislation that would have allowed extradition to China.        said that he is looking for legal
        idea of India - non-violence and                                                                              help for climate activist Disha
        Mahatma Gandhi - replacing it  lowed in the arrest of activist  details, the Police Commission- Ravi, who was arrested  by the
        with an alternative image of a  Disha Ravi for her alleged in- er said that investigation into  Delhi Police on Sunday for al-
        Fascist India; Targeting India’s  volvement in preparing a toolkit  the ‘Toolkit’ document case is  legedly sharing a ‘toolkit’ doc-
        territorial integrity - working to- that details support for farmers  underway.                               ument related to the farmers’
        wards K-2 (Kashmir-Khalistan)  protesting against the Central                “I cannot divulge the details  protest with Swedish teen activ-
        design; targeting India’s inter- Government’s agricultural laws. of the case as its investigation  ist Greta Thunberg.
        ests abroad by working against          “As far as Disha’s arrest is  is premature. As things will be             Vadra told  ANI,  “I  see
        Indian origin American politi- concerned, it was done as per  clear everyone will be notified.”  something incorrect happening
        cians,” the report added.            the procedures,” Srivastava told  Srivastava said.                       in our country. My family is in
            Thunberg posted the “tool- media here. “Law does not dif-                Several political leaders  politics so of course they do get
        kit” in a tweet in January which  ferentiate between a 22-year- have slammed Delhi Police for  involved in every issue related to
        she later deleted. The teen ac- old and a 50-year-old. She was  the arrest of Ravi from Benga- the country, but having said that
        tivist’s post on the micro-blog- produced before a court which  luru and termed her arrest as  when I saw a girl of age 21 being
        ging site came after American  sent her to 5-day Police custo- “unwarranted  harassment,  un- arrested in this way, the way she
        pop star Rihanna shared a news  dy,” Srivastava said.                    fortunate and shocking”. She  was arrested, I am  looking  for
        article highlighting the Centre’s       He argued that it is incorrect  was arrested for allegedly edit- good legal help for Disha and
        crackdown on the farmers by  to say that there were lapses in  ing and disseminating the “tool- that she should have good coun-
        cutting off internet services in  the arrest.                            kit” on social media.                sel and it should be neutral.”
        many regions.                           “It is false when people say         Another Congress leader P  “We support people who are
            Delhi Police Commissioner  that there were lapses in the ar- Chidambaram had said, “The  handled in the wrong way. We
        SN Srivastava on Tuesday said  rest,” he added.                          Indian state must be standing  are not anti-national and are not
        that all procedures were fol-           Without  divulging  further  on very shaky foundations if Di- against the country,” he said.

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