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                       vaccine diplOmacy

        >> Continued from previous page...                                                                            Health Ministry with Cargo and
                                                                                                                      airport  operators  has  already
        the government,” Union Health                                                                                 taken place regarding the trans-
        Secretary told reporters here                                                                                 portation of COVID-19 vac-
        at a press briefing. This comes                                                                               cines across the nation.
        after the DCGI last  week an-                                                                                     Meanwhile, in a related
        nounced “restricted emergency                                                                                 development,  after  Rashtriya
        use” for two COVID-19 vaccine                                                                                 Janata Dal leader Tej Pratap
        candidates -- Bharat Biotech’s                                                                                Yadav’s statement that Prime
        COVAXIN and Serum Institute                                                                                   Minister Narendra Modi should
        of India’s Covishield.                                                                                        take the COVID-19 vaccine
            Talking about the vaccina-                                                                                first, Union minister Nityanand
        tion process, the Health Secre-                                                                               Rai on Friday said the oppo-
        tary said that healthcare work-                                                                               sition parties are indulging in
        ers and frontline workers would                                                                               dirty politics when they ques-
        not need to register themselves                                                                               tion the reliability of indigenous
        as a beneficiary as their data has                                                                            COVID-19 vaccines.
        been stored in a bulk database.        a dry run or mock drill is being done for covid-19 vaccine at an urban     Briefing reporters, the union
            “Healthcare workers and                    community health centre, in ajmer on saturday. (aNi)           minister said, “There should
        frontline workers would not                                                                                   not be any politics over the vac-
        need to register themselves as a                                                                              cine.  The  world  is  applauding
        beneficiary as their data in bulk                                                                             the  efforts  of  Indian  scientists
        database that has been populat-                                                                               but Tejashwiji, Akhilesh Yadav-
        ed on the Co-WIN vaccine de-                                                                                  ji and Rahulji are doing dirty
        livery management system in a                                                                                 politics. They do not care about
        bulk manner,” said Rajesh Bhu-                                                                                the lives of people. They only
        shan.                                                                                                         care for their dynastic politics.
            He further said, “When we                                                                                 I condemn the actions of the
        would come to the population                                                                                  opposition parties and pray for
        priority group, the provision of                                                                              their good sense.” Earlier today,
        registration or editing of data                                                                               Yadav said the Prime Minister
        would be used. The system                                                                                     should be inoculated first before
        electronically allows session al-                                                                             anybody else. “Prime Minister
        location. ...The process of ses-                                                                              Narendra Modi should take the
        sion allocation would be digital.                                                                             first shot of COVID-19 vaccine,
        Whether the beneficiaries have         Union minister for health & Family welfare, science & technology and   then, we will also take it,” stated
        been vaccinated, this will be          earth sciences, Dr. harsh Vardhan visiting the GtB hospital, shahdara   the RJD leader.
        captured digitally.”                 for reviewing the preparedness of Dry run of administering the coViD-19      Congress leader Manish
            India’s active COVID-19                          vaccine, in New Delhi on saturday. (aNi)                 Tewari on Tuesday said that the
        cases are less than 2.5 lakhs and                                                                             Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
        are continuing to fall which has  tailed draft for air transporta- vaccine. “There is total 41 des- government has “politically mis-
        led to a decline in the overall  tion of COVID-19 vaccines and  tinations (airports) across the  used” the COVID-19 pandemic
        burden on the health delivery  the movement of vaccine to dif- country finalised for delivery of  and raised question marks on
        structure, said Health Secretary. ferent parts of the nation is like- vaccines,” sources added.               the reliability of the vaccine.
            “The active cases in the  ly to begin soon. “For vaccine                 For northern India, Delhi            “The     BJP     government
        country are less than 2.5 lakhs  transportation across the coun- and Karnal will be made mini-                has politically misused the
        and continue to decline. The  try, a common draft has been  hubs. For the eastern region,  COVID-19 pandemic in its en-
        positivity rate stood at 1.97 per  made. It will shortly be shared  Kolkata and Guwahati will be  tirety. The controversy over the
        cent,” he added.                     with stakeholders. The trans- the  mini-hub  for  distribution.  vaccine  is its  latest  manifesta-
            The Health Secretary fur- portation of vaccine is likely to  Guwahati will also be a nodal  tion. Who is going to get him-
        ther said that 44 per cent of ac- begin  by  today  or  tomorrow,”  point for the Northeast. Chen- self vaccinated with a vaccine
        tive cases are in hospital with  government sources said. Trans- nai and Hyderabad will be the  that has question marks on its
        moderate  or  severe  symptoms  portation of COVID vaccine  designated points for southern  reliability?” Tewari said.
        while  56  per  cent  of  cases  are  module  has  been  finalised  by  India,” sources in Aviation Min-          Earlier  on  January  2,  Akh-
        very mild or asymptomatic and  the Government of India.                  istry said.                          ilesh Yadav had said that he
        are in home isolation.                  Government has made sev-             An internal meeting with  will not get vaccinated against
            According to sources, gov- eral mini-hub in the country  several stakeholders and the  coronavirus for now as the “BJP
        ernment  has  prepared  a  de- for transportation of COVID  Ministry of Civil Aviation and  government cannot be trusted.”

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