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VOL. III | Issue 35 | FRIDAY | NOVEMBER 25 | 2022                                                 NY&NJ • IL • CA&TX • US 50C


        Assembly Elections 2022 : PM Modi
        leads campaign as BJP aims historic
        win against Congress and AAP   uu 6                                                                               BIG

                    BUSINESS EYE                                                                                           STORY

                                                                                                                               uu 4

                                                                           G20 PRESIDENCY

                                                               INDIA TAKES CHARGE

        Driven by petroleum sales,                   At the Bali summit of world leaders, India officially received the presidency of the
        Russia become India’s fifth biggest          G20 group for a one-year period. As the Modi government works to host the next
        trading partner   uu 36                      summit, it will to showcase India as a strong economy and stable democracy

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 14                                                               uu 40

                                                                                              INDIA IN NEW ZEALAND
           Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), Chicago,
                Names New Board Under Vinita Gulabani                               Dual captaincy and rest for head coach?
                                                                                        Questions galore for Men in Blue
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