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VOLUME II | Issue 04 | FRIDAY | APRIL 23 | 2021  US 50C

                         big STORy

        covid-19: colossal failure
        A friend in need? Biden-                              BIG
        Harris get the flak for slow
        response to India’s pleas  uu  10                      STORY

                           SPORTS                                  uu 4

                                                                covid-19 & modi government

                                                              colossal failure

                                                             Hospitals without enough beds, medicines and oxygen.
                                                             People crying for help  on  social  media.  The  vaccine
        IPL 2021: Great centuries,                           rollout hitting a major roadblock. The pandemic’s second

        big runs, fighting spirit and                        wave exposes the Modi government’s failure to plan and
        bright futures   uu 50                               control a massive disaster

           NA                                                                        NA
           NEWSLINE                                                                  NEWSLINE
             uu 22                                                                     uu 29

                             edison, new Jersey,                                              Sunil Shah hosts reception

                               mayoral election                                             to felicitate Indian-American

                     Sam Joshi to run for Mayor                                                        Elected Officials

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