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VOLUME II | Issue 03 | FRIDAY | APRIL 16 | 2021  US 50C


        The never-ending drama of
        Bengal elections    uu  8

                           SPORTS                              STORY

                                                                   uu 4

                                                              covid-19: second wave

                                                              severe stress

                                                             The second wave of Covid-19 causes devastation across
        IPL 2021: In the season of                           India  as  the government  struggles  to  provide  enough

        tough games, players try to                          medicines and oxygen to the affected people. How did the
        motivate each other    uu 42                         situation become so terrible? What is the way out?

           NA                                                                        NA
           NEWSLINE                                                                  NEWSLINE
             uu 20                                                                     uu 22

                 Mass sHootinG in indianaPoLis                                                            Hate criMes

         Shock and anger as four Sikhs fall to lone                                 Indo-American Community Voice holds
                gunman’s bullets at FedEx facility                                        candle light vigil against violence

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