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VOL. III | Issue 45 | FRIDAY | FEBRUARY 10 | 2023                                                 NY&NJ • IL • CA&TX • US 50C


        India-US ties: NSA Doval-led
        delegation charts out future of                 BIG
        strategic partnership  uu 6

                    BUSINESS EYE                        STORY

                                                             uu 4

                                                                    ANNUAL BUDGET 2023-24

                                                      BLUEPRINT FOR DEVELOPMENT?

        Adani Group slams Hindenburg as              Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presents a bold budget ahead of the
        “an unethical short seller” as               election year. The government calls it a roadmap for development. How is
        market losses go past $100 bn  uu 32         the industry and consultants reacting to it?

           NA                                                                 SPORTS

            uu 16                                                               uu 39

                         ‘Samosa Caucus’ lawmakers                                            Hardik looks to emulate
                       appointed as members of key                                     MS Dhoni’s role in white-ball setup
                            US House Committees                                                   as Virat hails Gill
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