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VOL. III | Issue 44 | FRIDAY | FEBRUARY 03 | 2023                                                 NY&NJ • IL • CA&TX • US 50C

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             A Celebration For The Ages

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          People  of  all  faiths  and  backgrounds  throughout  the  world   legacy.  This  includes  individuals  and  communities  surrounding
          joined BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in celebrating 100 years of   the 100+ BAPS centers throughout North America that united in
          inspiration  provided  by  His  Holiness  Pramukh  Swami  Maharaj.   celebration  with  other  centers  in  Europe,  Africa,  Australia,  and
                                                           74TH REPUBLIC DAY OF INDIA
          From families celebrating together at home to large-scale events   India. The culmination of the global celebrations is the month-
          in cities across the globe, the millions that have found inspiration   long festival from December 15, 2022, to January 15, 2023, in
          through  him  organized  events  to  commemorate  his  life  and   Ahmedabad, India. Organized by over 80,000 BAPS volunteers,
                                                           POWER & GLORY

        Fact or fiction? Jaishankar slams            World leaders congratulate India as the country displays is strength with
        Mike Pompeo for remarks on
        Sushma Swaraj   uu 6                         ‘Made in India’ weapons system and gets praised for its G-20 leadership

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               FIA, Chicago, celebrates 74th Republic Day                                     NEW ZEALAND IN INDIA
           of India with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy                            Suryakumar, Siraj and Gill shine as India
                               as guest of honor                                             beat NZ 3-0 in ODI series
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