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VOLUME I | Issue 39 | FRIDAY | JANUARY 01 | 2021  US 50C
        VOLUME I | Issue 01 | FRIDAY | APRIL 10 | 2020  US 50C

                                               CANADA              | USA         | BRAZIL          | INDIA

          south american newsline

                                                                  uu 18

        When Brazilian and

        Indian music flow in the                               gLobaL IndIans of 2020
        same river   uu  30

                      business eye                           From the US to New Zealand, people of Indian origin

                                                             made name for their achievements in politics, business,

                                                             science, tech and culture. We look at some top names

                                                             which made headlines across the world in the year 2020


        Light at the end of tunnel                             STORY

        as stocks rise,
                                                                   uu 4
        GST collection up and foreign
        money flows in  uu 32


                                                                                 goodbye, 2020

                                                              Longest year ever!

        Rohit Sharma: The                                    The Indian EYE takes a look at some of the most import-

        importance of being the                              ant new stories from India in 2020, which will make im-
        team’s ‘Hitman’   uu 50                              pact in 2021 and beyond

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